2012 Olympic Games

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Olympic Flame
Watch how the Olympic cauldron has been lit over the year


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nikaylyn and lara said...

7 day and 21 hours to go until the olympics we are very excited for the mini olympics we are representing spain what country are you representing:)

From Nikaylyn and Lara

Kids with a view said...

Hi Nikaylyn and Lara

We are having a Junior school mini Olympics too. Room 3 are splitting into two groups - a few of us are going to be Greece and the rest of us are Great Britain. After the Olympics we are going to be learning about London land marks and famous places.
Let us know what you learn about Spain. I hope Mr Wright finds you a Spanish flag.
From Mrs Laburn

kairyn said...

The olympic flame is a thing that I like and it is a good cos I like it and it is a flame that they lit. By Kairyn.

swannic said...

Hi Kids with a View
We have been learning about the Olympics too. We were asking the same questions as you. We have been able to answer some of your questions. We know the first Modern Olympics was held in Athens - Greece in 1896. This year there were 204 countries competing at the Olympic Games. The next Olympic games will be in Rio -Brazil in 2016. We discovered that the Olympic Games are only held every four years.
Our big question for this term was 'Why are the Olympic Games important to the world?' We think the Olympic Games are important to the world because it brings everyone together in peace and we all have fun. The Olympics are about showing your talents and learning about other countries. Why do you think the Olympic Games are important to the world?
from Junior S (and Mrs Swann)


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