Monday, February 13, 2012

Pirate Handprint Art

Here is a close up image of our pirate handprint art.
We got the idea from this website.


Anonymous said...

Dear Kids with a View

The pirate hand print art is very cool. It is awesome what things you can make with your hands. Have you ever tried making animals out of the shadows of your fingers?

Kind regards, your friend from Room 24


Mrs Thompson said...

What a fantastic way to use handprints. This looks so effective, I think we may have to try this as well!! Have you tried any other handprint art?

Mrs Thompson
Haworth Primary School

Room 4 said...

I like your handprint pirates. I think they look real.
From Subair
Room 4
Hamilton East School

Aum said...

When I was doing it it was super hard for me.

Aum said...

Those hand prints look cool znd it was a little hard.

joshua said...

I like the way the hat has stripes on it. They are very very straight lines are there.By joshua.


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