Where is New Zealand?

Where is Auckland?

I live in Auckland. What do you know about Auckland? I can tell you about Auckland. Auckland City has a harbour bridge and people bungy jump off the harbour bridge. Auckland is the 'City of Sails'. "City of Sails' means there are lots of sail boats in Auckland. New Zealand has three Islands, North Island and South Island and the last one is Stewart Island. Auckland's Maori name is Tamaki Makau Rau. 
By Jacey 2012

I live in Auckland City. I know that we can go to the Sky Tower and over the harbour bridge. You can go bungy jumping off these places. It will be a little bit scary. Auckland's nickname is City of Sails. It's Maori name is Tamaki Makau Rau. We can go on a ferry boat to Waiheke Island or to Rangitoto Island. We can go to Queen Street and go to lots of shops. Wellington is the capital of New Zealand and Auckland is the biggest city. There are three Islands in New Zealand. The North Island, South Island and Stewart Island. Auckland has an airport to go to China. I only know of two kinds of planes. They are called Air New Zealand and Jetstar.
By Orlando 2012

Our National Anthem

Here are some of the New Zealand icons that we are very proud of.

New Zealand Kiwiana

Learn about Maori people, language, songs and the culture

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