Thursday, August 30, 2012

One Direction - Junior Dance Group

Five children from Room 3 were selected to perform in the Junior Dance Group - Sienna, Neeve, Orlando, Benny and Aryaan. They went to lot of practices to perfect their dance. The dancers have performed at a whole school assembly, at our Junior School Mini Olympics and at the East Auckland Dance Festival. Their costumes are amazing! Mrs Groom made the stunning costumes. Chanelle and Katarina from Year 6  and Samantha an ex pupil of PVS helped Miss Lee to choreograph the dance. 
We think they all did an amazing job! 
Do you recognise the song that they are dancing to?

Monday, August 27, 2012

The Wizard of Oz

On Friday my class saw Room 15's play. I loved Lydia's tinman costume made by her dad. The loudest part was when the BANG sound came and the munchkins came.
By Jack

Room 15 were so good because they had done so much practice. They did not have to look at a paper they remembered their lines. Room 15 did not do any mistakes and they used so much expression. Room 15 had very loud voices. The costumes made the play. Dorothy was the first she was looking for her pet and she found her pet and she was going to be safe but she got caught in a tornado and she was spinning and she landed in Oz. Then Dorothy met a scarecrow and he wanted to have a brain. Then Dorothy met a cowardly lion. He wanted to be brave. And they all sang "We're off to see the wizard, the wonderful wizard of all, because, because of the wonderful things he does." Then they got there and Dorothy had a challenge she had to verse a wicked witch of the north. Dorothy said "You wicked witch, you take a bit of that." And the witch of the north fell down and the flying monkeys were free. Dorothy finally got to go home!
By Joshua

Last week on Friday we went to Room 15 to watch THE WIZARD OF OZ. The main characters were Dorothy, cowardly lion, scarecrow and the tin woodsman and they all went to the wizard of Oz and they all wanted to have something. Dorothy wanted to get back to her farm, the scarecrow wanted a brain, the tin woodsman wanted a heart and the cowardly lion wanted to be brave. The story was like this...
Dorothy was on her farm and then a tornado took her to Oz and the good witch gave her some shoes and she just needed to stomp her feet together and she was there and she met all her friends and they went to the poppy field and the lion got drugged. After that the poppy mice saved him. Then they met the wicked witch of the East and killed her. Then they went to the wizard of Oz and they got what they wanted.
By Orlando

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Life Education Caravan

On Monday the 23 July I went to the Life Education Caravan and I learnt how many minutes we have to brush our teeth for and I learnt that my brain feels like butter. Did you know I learnt that my brain is the boss of my body and my brain controls my body. My lungs help me breathe and my heart pumps blood around my body.
By Alex

Yesterday we were in the Life Education Caravan we learnt about bodies. It was fun learning about parts of our body and our bones. It was a fun day doing all that stuff and Celia taught us about doing the right thing. Your brain is the boss of your body and you need heaps of sleep to be healthy. Your lungs feel like airbags and your brain feels like squishy butter. It is weird. Your heart is as big as your fist. Celia taught us heaps of stuff to do and she has a giraffe in the caravan. He wanted to play playstation and Celia said "No." It was fun learning about your bones in you and it was cool learning that stuff. We also need to drink 18 glasses of water a day.
By kairyn

Yesterday Room 3 visited the Life Education caravan. The teacher's name was Celia. We learnt about the body parts. We have to drink water 5 times a day. One in the morning, one at morning tea, one at lunch, one in the afternoon and one at teatime. I also learnt that you have to eat fruit and vegetables and you need sleep. Don't eat the bad foods and we have to brush our teeth two times a day so your teeth don't go bad.
By Nicolas

Yesterday our class went to the Life Education caravan. The teacher was Celia. She taught us some things about our body. Before we entered the caravan she said "Gluteus Maximus." I learnt that your brain is squishy like butter. We learnt that your brush your teeth twice a day. Celia chose some doctors which had to put in body parts and the body could light up when you aim the pointer at the right body part. Everyone's lungs feels like airbags. Your brain is the boss of your body because it is so clever and I can't believe it!
By Aryaan

Life Education Caravan on PhotoPeach

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Orangutans on Trampolines

This Sunday's episode of The Zoo (7pm, TV One) will feature orangutans on a trampoline. Seriously, who wouldn't want to see that? 

Thursday, August 9, 2012

SpeakPipe Voice Messages

Have you noticed the right hand side blue tab bar on our blog?
We have had SpeakPipe on our blog for a few months now
and have had lots of fun voice messages sent to us.

Why don't you have a go and send us a recorded message?
It's really easy!
We're looking forward to hearing from you.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

iPads - Wenlock and Mandeville - PuppetPal

We used the PuppetPal app on the iPads to share our 
Wenlock and Mandeville information.
We took our own photos (making sure they were not blurry), researched on the iPads for the information, wrote our own scripts and used our best expressive voices when talking. We worked in groups of three. 
What do you think about our movies?


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