Thursday, April 10, 2014

Meet Charlie our Class Mascot

Charlie (Sir Charles) is the Knights of Room 14's class mascot. 
The boys are really enjoying having Charlie around. He does everything that they do!

Last year Marvin the Monkey, from Miss Revell's e-Kids class, visited Room 14 for three weeks. Marvin travelled to Point View School all the way from Hawkes Bay. The children fell in love with him and were extremely sad when he had to go home. Room 14 tried to attach themselves to several different mascots but they just weren't the same as having Marvin around. 
So Mrs Laburn hunted around and found Charlie.
Charlie is a knight and is a valued member of the boy's class.
We hope Miss Revell doesn't mind us copying Marvin.

Here's a small snapshot of Charlie so far…..

Keep coming back to see more of his adventures!

Monday, April 7, 2014

Orca Mufti Day

Last Friday Point View School held it's bi annual Orca Mufti Day.
All money raised went to the 
What a fun day - so many orca costumes, orca researchers and even oceans! Those of us that didn't have a costume dressed in black and white.

Check out the video of an orca rescue.

This is Thomas is his orcasome costume his mum made for him. 

And here's another costume! I wonder who dressed up as the ocean with an orca swimming by trying to catch some stingray? Can you see any clues as to who it is?

Yes it's Charlie! He loves joining in on all the fun! 

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Technology - Sewing Dragons

Technology - Making Dragons
By Curtis

On the day of technology I screamed to my mum, “It’s technology day!”
It was exciting, Mr Rankin took us to technology to learn how to sew. We needed lots of things. We needed to get a needle, a piece of paper, some buttons, scissors, an iron and material. Next we ripped the material in half. We used more material to cut some wings out and we used some triangles. Then we used some web glue to glue it with an iron. 
It was the most greatest thing I ever saw!

Technology - Making Dragons
By Tyler

WOW! I said to myself, it’s technology day. So off I went to school.
At technology day we were learning to sew. Did you know what? We got to iron! I thought to myself that sewing would be hard but it was easy when I started doing it.
We ripped the material and cut out the wings. Then we put glue on the wings and then ironed it on and then they stayed up. Next we sewed on the buttons and then we sewed on the tail and put the toilet rolls on.
I had a great day especially as I have never ironed before.

Technology - Making Dragons
By Ronan

In the morning I busted out of bed and rushed out of my house because I was excited! I never knew how to sew a dragon and today was the day we were making dragons.
In the morning in class I was waiting so hard that I couldn’t wait for the roll! Well, finally Mr Rankin came! So Room 14 walked down to Mr Rankin’s car because he had some material waiting in the boot. 
First we got some material it was a little hard for me to rip but I did it!. After that we ripped two wings out and it was still a little hard. After that we glued the wings on, well it wasn’t ordinary glue, it was web glue! We had to iron it so that it stuck better. After that we sewed the wings. I kept getting it wrong but I still had fun. Later on Kelvin’s grandma did all the sewing for me because I was stuck. Then I went to the overlocker and Mr Rankin made a big hole so then we could put more chopped up teacher in faster. Next we got two toilet rolls - one for the mouth and one for the bum. Finally we coloured the toilet rolls.
I had the most exciting day because I never knew how to sew. The sewing was really hard to sew.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Cause and Effect

We are learning about Cause and Effect.

The CAUSE is WHY something happened.
The EFFECT is WHAT happened.

Words that help us to identify Cause and Effect are:
so, because, therefore, since, 
if, then, so that, cause and effect 

You can find practice activities on our class wiki under "Literacy."

Read Curtis and Jason's cause and effect on 

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Our Fun Tray Labels

In Room 14 we have tables not desks so we store some of our things in trays. We had a lot of fun making our tray name labels.

First we created avatars on the website “Weeworld”.

Next we made QR voice codes on the website “QR voice”. We typed information about ourselves into the website and it created a QR code for us.

Then chose our castle themed background labels from another website called “Sparklebox”. 

Lastly we placed everything together on a pages document and chose the font for our names.

You are welcome to come and visit us in Room 14 to read our QR codes. Don’t forget to bring your iPad with the QR reader app on it! 

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Keep the Ocean Clean - Sea Week


I asked my friends, the dolphins, what each of us could do

To help them survive another million years or two.

And the dolphins said:

"Keep the ocean clean!
That's the most important thing.

Please . . .
Pick your trash up off the beach.
Recycle 'most everything.

Find out what pollutes the sea.
And ask your friends to help keep the ocean clean.

After all, the ocean is our home," said:
(my friends the dolphins) (the fascinating sharks, oh yeah)

After the all the ocean is our home.

I asked the fascinating sharks what each of us could do

To help them survive another million years or two.

And the pointy snouted blue and the hammerhead too said:

"You know what to do, you know what to do.
You know what to do!" (to Chorus)

"Imagine," said the sea turtle,
"That you're as hungry as can be."
 Well a plastic bag floating by looks a lot like a sea jelly."
(And sea turtles love sea jellies!)
"But swallowing a plastic bag would be the end of me.
So please keep all kinds  of plastic out of the sea."

"Keep it clean, please!"   

Final Chorus
"Keep the ocean clean!
That's the most important thing.
Please . . .

Pick your trash up off the beach.
Recycle 'most everything.
Find out what pollutes the sea.

And ask your friends to help keep the ocean clean,

After all, the ocean is our home," said the hungry sea turtles.
"After the all the ocean is our home," said the whales and
 the fish and the sea otter and the tide pool creatures.                    
"After all, the ocean is our home," said the seals and
the sea lions and the walruses and Oxford the Octopus.  

"After all, the ocean  is our home.

After all, the ocean is our home."

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Check out our Knight's Castle

This is our classroom castle which is split into two areas. 
Our reading space and "quiet" writing space.
You might just be able to see the dungeon.
This is a dark and quiet secret space for independent learners!
Do you like working in quiet learning spaces?

Finally a 2014 post - Yes Room 14 is back in action!

Meet Room 14

"Knights of the Realm" 
Point View School's Year 3 Boys Class

We're up and running!!
Watch out for lots of posts from now on.


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