Saturday, July 3, 2010

Wacky Hair and Hat Day

On Friday our school had wacky hair and hat day. Some of the children in our class were very, very creative. Balroz put dinosaurs all over his hat, Piper had a fan, feathers and pipecleaners on hers, Nicholas had animals and a feather on his hat, Sophie and Hayley spray painted their hair, Jonathan, Flynn, Kavin, Lucia-Belle and Felix had hair ties and pegs in their hair, Meah, Lauryn and Ethan had funky wigs, Malin, Bruhathi, Amanda, Kaitlyn, Christine and Kimberly had unusual hair styles, Steven was a wizard, and Duraiz made a funky hat. It was lots of fun and we saw some amazing creations around the school. Check out our school website for more photos.

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Heney said...

I liked seeing everyone dressed up on the stage. I saw other policemen, and builders. My brother Jerry was a builder.
FOOM Henry


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