Monday, August 23, 2010

Ambury Farm

On Wednesday Room 3 went to Ambury Farm by bus. Then we went to a room that smelt bad. We didn't sit on the floor, we got to sit on mats. Next we went to the milking shed and a lady told us all about cows. She got a cow and her name was Rosie and she tickled the cow. She rubbed Rosie and put the milking cup over the cows teat on her udder. It sucked the udder. The cow stomped her feet and the milk came out. After that we went to the shearing shed. Another lady had to shear the sheep's bottom. She said that flies eat poo. If the flies lay eggs and the baby fly hatches then the baby flies will eat the sheep's skin and the sheep will die. She made the sheep stand up and then the sheep went down the shoot to the other sheep. We went to lamb feeding and patted a horse and then to chicken feeding. The goat tickled me when I fed him. I liked feeding the goat.
By Christine 

Pooey! Ambury Farm is stinky. BUT..... there are cute animals and there are also baby lambs and I took so many photos of animals. We went to see the cows. One cow was doing poos. My best part was that Steven got poo on his hands.
By Sophie

Room 3 went to Ambury Farm. There was a big cow. Don't step on me! It was very big. I don't want to get squashed! Then we saw the sheep getting shorn and then we went for a little walk. We fed lots of animals. First we met a sheep and then we met a horse called Belle-Donna. She was very big because she is a clydesdale horse. They pull big things. I took a photo of the horse. Next we saw a goat and we gave him some food. Next we met a turkey called 'Timmy the Turkey'. We all got to look at the pig called 'Charlotte the Pig'. Then we fed the cute little lambs. There were 13 lambs. After we saw bulls. Then we saw some rabbits and we saw the lambs again and we patted them. My favourite part was the cute lambs.
By George

On Wednesday Room 3 went to Ambury Farm and first we ate our morning tea. Room 3 saw some chickens and we fed the chickens and I fed the goat too! My favourite part was the chickens because the chickens bit me but it was just a tickle!
By Jonathan

On Wednesday I went to Ambury Farm with my classroom. There were rabbits and there were even baby lambs and I got to feed the lambs. I saw Meredith milking a cow. Finally it was lunchtime. After we saw Belle-Donna.... she's a horse! We fed some lambs and there were 13! Next we saw some chickens. My best part was looking at the bunny rabbits.
By Meah

On Wednesday Room 3 went on a bus. Then we arrived at Ambury Farm. First we ate our morning tea. Then we went to the milking shed. Then we saw the cows get milked. After that we fed the baby lambs. Then we fed Timmy the turkey. When we fed the chickens the white one hurt me. Then we fed the cows. At the end I had cow poo on my foot! I liked the baby lambs because they are cute!
By Joe 


The Book Chook said...

It sounds like the farm was really stinky, but really fun too! Once when I went to the zoo, I saw the diamond python poo down the zoo guy's arm and leg. Ewwww! There were little bits of bone and fur in it because it had eaten a rabbit the week before.

Susan in Australia

Room 3 said...

Dear Susan
How does a snake eat a rabbit when the rabbit is so big?
From Lucia-Belle

Dear Susan
When a snake poos where does the poo come out?
From Balroz

Dear Susan
Did you know that there are snakes with two heads with one body.
From Hayley

Dear Susan
On TV I saw a snake bite a meerkat and it died!
From Sophie

Christine and Hayley. said...

Dear Susan
Did a snake really eat a rabbit ?

Anonymous said...

Hi there room 3 I thought that this blog is great and I really enjoyed reading all your stories and watching the vidoes of all the fun things you get to do at school!! I will check in later and see more cool and fun things I am sure. Piper is always wanting me to see something new.
See you all, Mrs Galloway

Christine said...

wonderful work room3

Anonymous said...

awesome blog, do you have twitter or facebook? i will bookmark this page thanks. lina holzbauer

Anonymous said...

I really like your blog and i really appreciate the excellent quality content you are posting here for free for your online readers. thanks peace dale tuck

Room 3 Point View School said...

Thanks Lina we do have facebook.... check out the side panel of our blog. Thanks for visiting us.

Room 3 Point View School said...

Hi Dale
Thanks for your positive comment (something we are trying hard to accomplish - more comments). Feel free to pass the link to our blog to your friends.


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