Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Today we were learning to find out why shadows change size throughout the day.
First we made predictions about where we thought the shadow of an object would be with the sun shining at 9.00am in the morning, at 12.00 midday and at 3.00pm in the afternoon. 
Then we used the following interactive activity to help us understand more 
about shadows and the position of the sun.



We learnt that in the morning and in the afternoon an objects shadow is longer that it would be at midday when a shadow is shorter. In the afternoon and morning the sun is lower in the sky.
A shadow is made when an object blocks light.


Ethan said...

I learnt about shadows and what angle the shadow it is on. It depends on the light. Ethan

Moh and Kaitlyn said...

I like are shadows work. We had to draw shadows correctly with the sun.

Lauryn and Piper said...

Great work room 3 on your shadows.

George and Hayley said...

We learnt that if the light is far away the shadow is shorter.

Bruhathi and Steven said...

If you are close to the light your shadow is bigger. If
you are far away from the light the shadow is small.

Denny said...

The shadows
Sometimes your shadow is in front of you sometimes your shadow is behind you. Yesterday I made a shadow at home.

Chrsitine and Lucia-Belle said...

I learnt that shadows can be behind you and in front of you. It depends on where the sun is.


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