Sunday, December 5, 2010

2nd Annual Potato Festival

On Thursday 2nd December our whole school participated in potato day. As part of our Enviro Schools participation every class started growing their own potatoes during term 3. We watered them and cared for them. On Thursday it was competition time. First we had to decorate our potato container. We added Mr and Mrs Potato Head to ours and we sprinkled magic green glitter onto the soil to give our potatoes a last minute boost! We couldn't wait to find out what was hiding in all that soil. It must have worked because our class won the prize for the overall weight of potatoes!!

There were lots of categories and prizes like the largest potato, smallest potato, funniest potato, best decorated potato and lots more. At lunchtime there were potato sack races, potato throwing contest, potato bake off, find the potatoes, a colouring in competition and you could even buy potatoes. It was a funny and enjoyable day.

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