Monday, August 1, 2011

Our first attempt at Voice Thread

Howick Historical Village Trip 
5th July 2011

Yesterday we went to the Historical Village. My favourite part was the old toys. They were made out of string, wood and glass. My favourite toy was a spinning top. By Neeve

Yesterday we went to the Historical Village. My favourite activity was the outside games. There were horses and then we went to the inside games. They had activities and even parlour games like squeak piggy squeak. Then we went to the nursery games and played Jack jumped over the candlestick. By Anya

Yesterday we went to the Historical Village. My favourite part was playing with the old toys and my favourite thing was the marbles and the marbles were made out of glass. Then we went to play outside games. Then we went inside to play passing the ball with our chins. Then we played the rope game. We had to put the rope around our body. By Maia

Yesterday Rooms 3, 5 and 6 went to Howick Historical Village and we saw some toy horses that we could ride on. My favourite part was playing the parlour games. I liked singing Jack be nimble, Jack be quick, Jack jumped over the candlestick. The first thing that we did was trying to work out the olden day toys that the children used to play with. By Ashira

Yesterday we went to Howick Historical Village. First we went to the old toys. My favourite one was the Jacob’s ladder and we passed them around so we wouldn’t fight. Then we went to the outside toys. We saw a lot of riding horses and log walkers and those things that you have to put two sticks together and the ring will fly into the air. Then we went to the parlour games. We played the string game then we played squeak piggy squeak. Then we played the chin ball game and the other passing ball game and then I went to have a look around. By Jacey

The first activity that we went to was to the toys. We played with the toys. The names were Jacob’s ladder, acrobats, spinning tops and puppets. They were made of string and wood and glass. My favourite toy was the acrobat! We needed to squeeze the wood and it will turn around. My favourite activity was the nursery rhymes because I liked the games that she taught us. My favourite game at the nursery rhymes was Jack be nimble, Jack be quick, Jack jump over the candlestick because it was fun. By Orlando


Jackie Nelson said...

Congratulations Room 3 - Your first attempt at Voicethread is fantastic. Your trip to the Historical Village sounds like it was a trip where lots of learning happened. We liked seeing you balancing on the log walkers. In Australia it is Fathers' Day next Sunday, September 4th. We are going to try and do a Voicethread for our Dads. It will be our first try. We hope it turns out as well as yours did. Mrs Nelson showed us the special message your QR code gives - that is very clever too. We hope you will visit our blog regularly. Maybe one day we can Skype with each other too! From Room 3 and Mrs Nelson

jackie Nelson said...

Oops Room 3 in NZ
I misspelt our blog address!
From Room 3 in South Australia

Ollie said...

I hope that you had a good time learning all the stuff that you learnt about the olden days. We learnt about the olden days this term too. I liked the sewing machine that they used then.

Marilena said...

We really enjoyed looking at your olden days stuff that you were using. The wooden horses looked really really awesome.

Rieff said...

Hey Room 3 Point View School, we loved your comments and think that your blog looks fantastic.

Room 3 Point View School said...

Hi Rieff, Marilena and Ollie what fabulous comments you made. Yes Marilena the horses were awesome the boys want them at our school for morning tea and lunchtime play - wouldn't that be cool!
Well Rieff we think your blog is fantastic and I really think Miss Revell and I should sort out a skype session very soon.
Enjoy the rest of your week.
Room 3 and Mrs Laburn

Ashiras nana and poppa said...

we enjoyed all the things we saw in your classroom and what you did. We did not go on school trips when we were at school. Your school is a lot of fun .


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