Thursday, August 30, 2012

One Direction - Junior Dance Group

Five children from Room 3 were selected to perform in the Junior Dance Group - Sienna, Neeve, Orlando, Benny and Aryaan. They went to lot of practices to perfect their dance. The dancers have performed at a whole school assembly, at our Junior School Mini Olympics and at the East Auckland Dance Festival. Their costumes are amazing! Mrs Groom made the stunning costumes. Chanelle and Katarina from Year 6  and Samantha an ex pupil of PVS helped Miss Lee to choreograph the dance. 
We think they all did an amazing job! 
Do you recognise the song that they are dancing to?


Benny said...

Wow group dancers you are really good at dancing and I think the dance was awesome. I liked how Mrs Groom made those costumes because they look wonderful and so cute! I think that you have been practising your dance for like a year or a whole week so you don't do a mistake.

chanelle samantha said...

Good job juniors you are very talented at dancing!!!!

From Chanelle, Samantha


Chanelle, Samantha said...

Good Job juniors, you are very talented!!!!!!


From Chanelle and Samantha

Room 4 said...

We liked watching you dance. Your costumes look great. We like how they sparkle. We sang along with the music while we watched the video. We like dancing to One Direction too. Next time we will try some of your dance moves.
From Room 4
Hamilton East School

george said...

Hi my name is George we loved your song because it was the dance group.

kairyn said...

Hi dance group your song was amazing to look at
because it was awsome

Khush said...

Year guys rocked. The dance was fantastic and we loved watching it. Well done to the teachers and to all of you

Joshua' Dad said...

Very polished performance from the Year 2 Dance Group! That was a great dance.By Joshua's Dad

Nicholas said...

Morēna Kids with a View

I like the way you spind around. I did the praduckson

From Nicholas.

Joshua and Jade said...

Mōrena Kids with a view

How did you come up with the dance moves?

From Jade and Joshua

Maggie and Brooke said...

Morena kids with a view.

I like you,re darts.I like you,re dance moves.

Have you seen our mosaic may hem.

Brooke and Maggie.

Hanna and Tori said...

Morena Kids with a view
I like the way that you walk around in a
Wy did you do the dance?
Wy did you chose that song?
From Tori, Hanna.

Miss Revell said...

Morena Kids with a view
The dance was graet we love your costuoms were
Amazing and yous rock
From jennifer and macka

Cole and Danni said...

Hi kids with a view
We relly like your dance,
What dance are you going to do next?
What musc are you going to do next?
From Dan ,Cole.

Nouelle and Jaide said...

Morena kids with a view

The costumes are awesome.

And fabulous we love your

Muisc it is awesome.
From jaide and nouelle

Mallika said...

Well done you juniors. You were awesome.I loved your costumes and your dance movements.
mallika's grandma.

Hanna,Jahziah,Jordyn,Ocean. said...

Morena Kids with a View
How did you make the dresses?
Did you have a dress rehearsal?
Why did you chose that music?
I liked the dance because it is great.
By Hanna, Jahziah, Jordyn,and Ocean.

Maggie, George, Giulietta, Oliver said...

Morena Kids with a View
What a great dance
Did you have fun?
We did a fasinating production too.
How many kids did the groovy dance?

Cora, Rieff, Joshua, Cole said...

Ata marie kids with a view
Your moves were boggielisoucs we loved them.
We did a dance like that!
How long did it take to practice?
By Cora,Rieff,Cole,Joshua.

Gina said...


Sienna said...

It was scary when I had to do the dance in front of some teachers that teach at my school.

Sienna said...

It was scary when I had to do the dance in front of some teachers that teach at my school.

Mallika said...

I liked it when the dance group performed . It was so cool beacuse they didn't forget any dance parts. By Mallika.

Maia said...

The dance group was fabulous when I watched it. The girls dresses was sparkly and they had great dance moves.
From Maia

kathryn said...

room 3 mrs layburn your class has done a really good job of the dance group


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