Sunday, December 30, 2012

Auckland Art Gallery

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What a great place to visit! We had a fantastic day.
Check out the Auckland Art Gallery website

Room 3 thoroughly enjoyed visiting the Art Gallery. 
The gallery's organisation and staff's wonderful manner with the children was outstanding. 
I was really impressed on how they focused on a minimal amount of artwork, discussed the artwork and really got the children to think for themselves - the children achieved such a wonderful learning experience.
The gallery offers programmes and tours to suit students of all ages.

A special thank you to Mandy Jakich 


Rohan said...

I saw Room 3 when I went! When I saw the painting reminding the artist about his/her parents, I thought it was worth making! I had a great time and I hope you did to!

builder auckland said...

If you will ask me that what is most inspiring for me in Auckland? I would name the Art Gallery of Auckland. This is the great place to be there.

builders in auckland said...

This art gallery contains a lot of art and historic researches in it. I have visited it and found it a great asset of NZ.


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