Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Crayon Box that Talked by Shane DeRolf

We read the book "The Crayon Box that Talked"
 by Shane DeRolf.

Mrs Laburn read Room 14 a book called "The Crayon Box that Talked." It was about when there were crayons that could talk and none of them like red and yellow or other kinds of colours too. But a little girl came and took them home and she coloured with them and when she finished drawing red said "I like yellow." And green liked blue. The message was working together and working a team.
By Kriesha

In the class my teacher read a book to us. It had a message. The message was that one crayon makes a boring picture but all crayons make a good picture and they all need each other to make a colorful picture.
By Enrico

Mrs Laburn read us a story called "The Crayon Box that Talked" and I think the message was that everyone is special.  We all work as a group and we all help each other because the crayons were mean in the first place but next they knew that everyone is special because only one colour makes a boring picture but if you use all the crayons it will make an excellent picture.
By Claire

On Friday Mrs Laburn read us a book called "The Crayon Box that Talked." The crayon's in the box didn't like each other but when they co-operated they made a good picture. Now they know that they need each other. Each one is special.  If they work together they can make a colourful world.
By Krishant

Watch the vimeo clip below and see if you understand the message that the poem teaches us.

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