Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Cyber Safety - YAPPY

We are always reminding each other about cyber safety. 
Cyber safety is something that we must think about every time we use 
our e-Learning tools.

On Wednesday Room 14 learnt cyber safety. We watched a youtube video of Professor G. We learnt a new cyber safety word called YAPPY. Y is for you don't give your full name out. A is for don't give out your address don't tell a stranger. P is for do not write your phone number on the computer. P is for do not tell anyone your password. Y is for do not tell a stranger your plans. That is what YAPPY means.
By Robbie

Today I learnt not to click on something like you can have a free toy and if you do click it you might just get more and more messages and it could make the computer get a virus and it could get rid of lots of stuff on your computer.  I also learnt about YAPPY and YAPPY stands for Your name, Address, Phone Number, Passwords, and Your Plans. Don't use these on the internet. When someone sends a bad or silly message or email press exit and tell a parent or grown up. If you are on google and you find a bad thing or a bad picture exit out and tell a parent or a grown up. Be a cyber safety star!
By Daniel


Anonymous said...

What a cool video, and Opinion!
You Should be careful on the internet.
Good job!

Sincerely, Teva Tait.

Room 14 said...

Well done. Geing safe on the internet is so important. Our Room 14 class members have been talking about this recently as well.
Keep up the good work.
Mrs Eden Room 14 Richmond Primary.

Anonymous said...

hi it your biggest fan james from hamilton east school.
we are learning about cyber safty too in our class you shold see room 12 kid blog.
from james room12 hamilto east school

Mallika said...

I like that video Because it is funny. By Mallika.

Anonymous said...

That's a amazing video to watch.
By Padme


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