Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Check out our Knight's Castle

This is our classroom castle which is split into two areas. 
Our reading space and "quiet" writing space.
You might just be able to see the dungeon.
This is a dark and quiet secret space for independent learners!
Do you like working in quiet learning spaces?


Room 14 said...

I like the castle - Jorden
I like working in quiet spaces - Kaleb
I'm good at reading in quiet spaces - Austin
I like the dungeon because it is really quiet in there - Kaelan
I think that quiet is the best way to work - Thomas
I think being quiet makes you work faster - Ronan
I love learning in Room 14 - Zachary
I like learning in Room 14 too - Liam
I think Room 14 is the best class ever - Ryan P
I think that our class is a knight's classroom - Max
I like working in the castle - Andrew
I love the boys class - Eric

jorden said...

I love the castle- from jorden.

Jumping Castle Hire Werribee said...

Both castles are equally great!! What more can be fun in reading in such a wonderful castles!


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