Wednesday, September 22, 2010

During this term the Juniors have been discovering people and places.
We have been learning that people have different roles and responsibilities in their work.
We have learnt about the different kinds of jobs that people do.
It’s amazing how many jobs you can choose from.

This morning the Juniors were all grown up and dressed
ready for their careers!
What a fabulous day we had. Career dress-up day was so much fun.

Lucia-Belle and Duraiz from Room 3 were the presenters of the parade.
What an awesome job they did announcing each class as they came onto the stage.

And not only were the children dressed up but the teachers all came dressed up too!
Mrs Laburn was an Orangutan Rescuer!


meah kimberly said...

I like them because there cool and cut and nice and because it/s idorbil and buttfull

Hayley and Christine said...

Cool photo and costumes.I like Piper brag her own things.

duraiz said...

All the pitchers are fantastic

Bruhathi and Jason said...

I like you dressing up room 3.It 's cool and nice ! I thought it 's going to be very fun and it was fun being a doctor and Jason was a zoo keeper.I like walking up the stage and going down the stairs. I like Mrs Larburn 's cloth's.
From Bruhathi and Jason.

sophie said...

I think that I liked all of the cosjooms in the jonis

Ethan and Amanda said...

I was in the hall then we went up the stach

george said...

I like the photos it is grate. when I grow up I want to be a zookepper

Swetha Reddy (Bruhathi's Mum) said...

Nice costumes Room 3. I wish you all good luck in pursuing your dream careers.


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