Sunday, March 13, 2011

How to make a Comment on our blog

How to make comments on a blog -


Sophie in Room 10 said...

hi room3 how are you doing? I used to be in Room3. It's the best class in the whole world! Are you learning about bugs? Do you like reading? Do you like your class? I hope you keep on giving bugs to the frogs so that they don't die. Are you learning about earthquakes because there was a big one in Japan and in Christchurch. I hope you know what to do in an earthquake so none of you get hurt. Do you think it's a cool class? Do you like doing maths? Do you know that insects only have six legs. A spider is not an insect!
By Sophie in Room 10

Room 3 Point View School said...

Wow Sophie what a lot of questions! Romm 3 will answer them at school tomorrow. Thanks for leaving us interesting comments.
From Mrs Laburn

Room 3 said...

Hi Sophie
Yes we love being in Room 3. Yes we are learning about bugs. Yes most of us like reading. Yes we are feeding the frog. They like to eat flies, crickets, slugs, worms, grasshoppers and cockroaches. Yes we saw the earthquakes on the news.
From Room 3


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