Saturday, March 5, 2011

I cannot believe I forgot to take a photo of the children in Room 3 all dressed in red and black for our Christchurch Appeal Day!! 
They looked amazing and were very generous with their gold coins. 
Thank you everyone!! 
Here's a photo taken at Friday mornings assembly that appeared in the NZHerald thanks to Mr Rankin.
And yay! We raised $3,333.

Earthquake Stories 

I saw people were scared on the roads. I saw it on TV. By Aum

The trees fell down and broke the houses. The earthquake was in Christchurch. By Benny

I saw on TV that there was an earthquake in Christchurch. By Aryaan

In Christchurch there was a big earthquake! The church was crashing down. Hundred's of people are still trapped! By Sienna

73 people from Australia came to help rescue the people. I saw the earthquake. I think it is very scary. The earthquake was in Christchurch. I saw the earthquake on TV. By Gina

The roads are broken and cracked. By Alvin

Messages from some children at Point View School

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Keeny said...

Dear Benny, Kevin, Jack, Aryaan, Dykie, Krishant, Sienna, Rohan, Alvin, Kairyn, Neeve, Bradie, Zana, Mallika, Jacey, Orlando, Joshua, Ashira, Gina, Maia, Tiffanny, Anya, Aum and Mrs Laburn.

You guys are amazing for having such a successful RED AND BLACK DAY. Awesome work! Thank you for asking lots of great questions. We have tried really hard to answer them for you.

From everyone in Room 10 (Warren, Timothy, Te Aroha, Rosie, Sophie, Shakaia, Robert, Phoebe, Madeline, Luke, Julie, Joshua, Joseph, Connor, Caitlyn, Christian, Emilia, Amelia, Cody, Daniel, Alura, Sadie and Mia.

Dear Sienna,
My school is okay and I love being back at school.
From Phoebe.

Dear Rohan,
My Mum had to come into school the other day to get my bag. It was lucky because I had some books at home to read. My reading folder was still at school.
From Joshua.

Dear Krishant,
I wasn’t scared in the earthquake, but I was wondering if it was the end of the world. Yesterday we had lunch with our buddy class outside. Part of the fence fell down right beside us…but I thought it was funny!
From Madeline.

Dear Jack,
Thank you for writing. I think it is really cool that you had a Red and Black Day for us.
From Daniel.

Dear Kevin,
I was only a little bit scared in the earthquake. I am very brave.
From Cody

Dear Aryaan,
I did not see the tv because I was playing with Sophie while the adults were watching tv.
From Christian.

Dear Joshua and Gina,
I cried when I saw the buildings fall down too. My house is ok, but my cousin Shannon’s house is broken. He is staying with my family.
From Amelia.

Dear Orlando
We did not get any mud in our house, like lots of other people did. Our power went out for a little bit. My family and I went to Timaru to stay, to get away from the earthquakes.
From Robert.

Dear Jacey,
My car is okay. I have seen some cracks in the road by my place, but we can still drive over them. You must feel lucky to live in Auckland.
From Sophie.

Dear Bradie and Ashira,
I wasn’t too scared, but just a tiny bit scared. I was at school and it was lunchtime. My nana had to come and get me. We went to her place.
From Alura.


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