Monday, June 20, 2011

Inquiry Learning - Orangutan Awareness

We worked with Mrs Munro in the Inquiry process to find out information about orangutans.
First Mrs Munro put a 'What's this a photo of' on the interactive board. Slowly she revealed more of the photo. You guessed it and so did we - it was an orangutan!

Next we came up with questions of things that we would like to know about orangutans.
We wrote our questions down.
Then we had some time to look at some orangutan books.
Mrs Munro came back the next day with some printed out information about our questions.
We had to find the answers to our questions on the sheets and write them down on our paper.
On the last two days we use Keynote to present our findings.
We think we did an amazing job and learnt a lot about orangutans.


Aryaan said...

I like everbody's work on the Orangutans. It was interesting and informative.I like to watch this video clip whenever I visit the blog.

jacey said...

I Like the pictures of the orangutans because they
are good looking orangutans.

Justin said...

Awesome video I learnt heaps about Orangutans and you also taught me how to spell Orangutans. I can see you put ALOT of work into it!!


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