Friday, June 3, 2011

Kids with a View TV - Honey Bee News

What's your view?
We would love to hear your comments on this.

We played "Kids with a View TV' video clip before we danced -
Gina and Aum did a fantastic job as news reporters!
Thanks Chanelle for helping with the cue board!

Well done everyone, what an amazing class you are!
Mrs Laburn was so proud of every one of you,
you danced up on the stage with such enthusiasm and pride.
I am sure everyone took note of the message that 'Bees Need Our Help!'

Here we are in the 'Bee Hive'.
Our lead dancers were Rohan and Sienna.
Can you see the beekeepers - Benny and Orlando?
The beautiful flowers were, Anya, Tiffanny, Mallika, Neeve and Zana.
Our drone and worker bees were Jack, Aum, Kairyn, Krishant, Aryaan, Alvin, Dykie,
Maia, Joshua, Gina, Alex, Jacey, Bradie, and Kevin.

The video clip of our dance is still to come ........


Rohan said...

What a cool video Aum and Gina!!!!!.

Aum said...

Thanks Rohan do you know what I like the most the honey bee dance I had fun

Anna said...

Room 3! You were sooooo cute with your costumes, and everyone danced very well. It was awesome!!!!

Room 9 said...

Hi Room 3

We like your blog post because you guys are dressed like bees!
Where did you get the clothes from?

From Emily, Ellie and Mabel at Tahunannui School.

Gina said...

I liked doing this.

Kidswithaview - Room 3 said...

You all looked fantastic in your costumes. Aum and Gina did a great job in the video and I thought the dance was brilliant. By Jen


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