Sunday, July 24, 2011

10,000 party - Watch the video

On Friday we had a 10,000 party. Anya’s dad brought a giant balloon and some ice-blocks. We had music and everyone brought some food. At our tables we had party blowers and we made party hats. We had 10,000 people visit our blog. Room 8 made us a piñata and we hit the piñata and all the lollies came out.
By Benny

Did you know what my classroom did on Friday? We had a 10,000 party and when we had it we had music. It was like a disco! Do you know why we had it? It was because we had 10,000 visitors to our blog! Do you know who it was for? It was for kids! I liked the piñata because it had lollies in it.
By Gina

Last Friday Room 3 had a party because we had 10,000 visitors to our blog. I had dairy milk and I wore a party had and I blew a party blower. We had music and it was fun.
 By Jack

On Friday we had a 10,000 party. Anya’s dad bought a congratulations balloon. We also had a piñata. Do you know what we ate? We ate food like cakes, sushi, popcorn, dairy milk, sprinkle bread. We made our own hats.
By Aum


Anonymous said...
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Miss Revell said...

Wow! 10,000 views! That is an outstanding effort. The Rockets love your blog. We are nearly at 3,000 views, and we are so excited.
You are very lucky to have such a clever and motivated teacher to engage you in your learning. Go Kids with a View!

Room 3 Point View School said...

Hi Miss Revell
Thank heaps for your positive comments. Yes, we were very excited to see the big 10,000 and I have to say the children are excellent at reading big digit numbers now thanks to our visitor counter!! By the way I love that you have a class pet. Marvin certainly has a lot of wonderful adventures. I think Room 3 just might have to steal that idea. (hope you don't mind). Room 3 loves visiting your blog too - its so wonderful how we get to see what so many schools are up to. Perhaps during Term 3 we could share some of our learning with The Rockets via Skype?

Aum said...

That was an awesome viedo everyone had so much fun hitting the pinata

Anonymous said...

That looks so fun! Congratulations for having 10,000 visitors. We hope our teacher throws a party when we 10,000 visitors.The lollies look so yummy .We wish we were there.
From Rebecca and Xakiryion.
Room 14


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