Monday, July 25, 2011

Rugby World Cup 2011

Check out our new Rugby World Cup 2011 page
Click on the images above or the page tab at the top of this blog
There are lots of rugby links, information and videos


Aum said...

we are very proud to host this year Rugby World cup 2011 and go All Blak.

Miss Revell said...

Dear Room 3

I absolutely love your RWC page! Wow. It has great links for learning about the World Cup. I can't wait to show the Rockets when they get back to school on Monday! We are learning about the Rugby World Cup this term too. It's so exciting!

Miss Revell and the Room 2 Rockets

Room 3 Point View School said...

Thanks Miss Revell and Room 2 Rockets :)

Mallika said...

Hi Mrs Laburn I am enjoying My
Holiday are you enjoying your

Room 3 Point View School said...

Hi Mallika I had a fantastic holiday thank you! See you tomorrow for an exciting term 3. Mrs Laburn

Macanebrs13 said...

I love this RWC page!.It has good connections to the RWC and soon the RWC cup is coming.So well done and keep on doing Blogging because your blog posts are magnificent.


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