Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The 2011 Edublog Awards

Thanks so much for the nomination Mrs Rivett we are so thrilled that you consider our
blog worthy of a nomination.

Please also vote for our friends in Room 14 


Hamilton East School said...

Congratulations! You should all be incredibly proud of your blog. Room 14 at Hamilton East School loves looking at your blog and catching up on all the learning that you do. We were really excited to see you had been shortlisted for the Edublog Best Class Blog Award.
From Room 14
Hamilton East School

Jackie Nelson said...

Congratulations Ms Laburn and Kids with a View. You completely deserve the nomination for Best Class Blog. I've had absolute pleasure in voting for you and will continue to do so while voting continues. Regardless of the ultimate result you are just like the All Blacks in the World Cup - WINNERS!
From Jackie Nelson and your Aussie Room 3 friends

Brooke said...

Morena kids with a view.

What fabulous danrcing Kids with a view.

From Brooke


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