Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Voting Best Class Blog - Edublog Awards

Please vote for our class blog 

Click on the link below
Best class blog 2011 | The Edublog Awards
Scroll down to where it says 'vote here'
Click on the arrows and scroll down to 'Best Class Blog' and click
Then next to 'Best Class Blog' click on the arrows and scroll down to 'Room 3's Class Blog' and click
And then click vote.

Remember you can vote on your iphones too!

We do need your vote from home as we are only allow one vote per day from our school's IP address.
Thanks heaps
To vote for your favorite just choose the category from the drop down menu below you want to vote in, who you want to vote for and then click Vote.


swannic said...

Good Luck Room 3. I hope your blog wins. I love learning about your learning so you have my vote.
Mrs Swann :)

Alpha-Adventurer 2 said...

Good luck. I hope your blog will win. I love reading about what you are doing in class. Feel free to check out my own student blog: Awesome blog!
-Alpha-Adventurer 2


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