Sunday, February 12, 2012

Pirates Classroom Treaty

Kids with a view are integrating Pirates into their 
Term 1 learning about 
Responsibilities in our Colourful World.

They learnt why responsibilities, rules and agreements are in place and why they are important to follow. 
The children brainstormed ideas that would help each other to be in a happy, smoothy run classroom.
Everyone thought very carefully and 
came up with a lot of excellent ideas.
The word PIRATE was then used to form an acrostic treaty.
The children made pirate handprints 
in place of signing the treaty. 
This was to show commitment to respect,
agreement and a promise to work and learn together.


Kowhai Kiwi Bloggers said...

Ahoy there ! Awesome treaty ! I like how you wrote it in an acrostic style! Your rules sound fair and reasonable. Best of luck in honouring your treaty!

Popover to our blog and check out our treaty too!

Keep up the great blogging!

Andrea and Room 14

Mrs Daub said...

I am very imprEssed with your plans for a great class. The pirate theme is cool too. Do you think a real pirate would fit in well with your class? Why?

We have a cowboy theme at the beginning of the year and my kids are dudes and dudettes. I might try pirates next year for something new.

Mrs R said...

What a fantastic treaty you have written together. I think your class sounds really scary with all those pirates in there. Have a wonderful year with your wonderful teacher!!!!

Miss Revell said...

Ahoy me hearties!

What a fun, exciting way to start your year as a class! The Triple Ms love being Pirates too! Our teachers must really think alike, because we wrote an acrostic poem for MARVIN. We will be putting this on our blog soon!

We are looking forward to talking to you soon, and commenting on some more posts.

Did you know there is even an international talk like a pirate day?! Funny!

From Miss Revell and the Triple Ms @ MKK

Anonymous said...

Hi! Kids with a View,
I really love your class treaty. It is a great way to come to an agreement about how you want your classroom to be.
I thought your pirate handprints were fantastic. What a good idea to do another blog post about them so we could work out how you did it.
With your Pirate Treaty I am sure you will have a fantastic year together.
Room 4
Hamilton East School

L Renton said...

There is so much to love about your classroom blog! I thought the Pirate Treaty, to begin the year off right, was an awesome way to begin! Very creative. I also particularly loved your hand print pirates! This classroom is FULL of upstanding pirates ... I know a few who could stand to learn a lesson, or two, from you!!! Way to go, class!
Mrs. R :)

aum said...

It was hard work on the pirates hand print.

Aum said...

Room 3 is the best.


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