Sunday, June 24, 2012

2012 Olympic Games Inquiry Learning

Here are our questions that we asked and want to learn about the Olympic games.

How many countries go to the Olympic games?
When did it first start?
Is it just sport?
How many people can win medals?
Who goes to the Olympic games?
Does it have lots of sport?
Why is it so important?
When does it start?
Where was the first Olympic games?
Why do we have the Olympic games?
Why is there a special Olympic flag?
What are the Olympics?
How many people go to the Olympics and do sport?
Is it always in the same country?
Does it have a symbol like the Rugby World Cup?
Have the Olympics been in New Zealand?
What does Olympic mean?
How do you get to compete at the Olympics?
Can anyone go to the Olympics?
How special is it?

Mrs Laburn has created a new page on our blog
called 2012 Olympic Games
She will be adding information and resources to our blog page. 
This information and the resources will help us to find answers to our questions.

Here is an e-book called Olympic Dreams by Claire Llewellyn
Read and listen to Olympic Dreams to see how many answers you can find to the questions above.


aum said...

It was fun making the torch what is the flame going to look like?

Khush said...

I think its an excellent idea to teach the kids all about the Olympics.


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