Monday, June 11, 2012

Learning a lesson from The Lorax

Please click on the cover page to read our Lorax stories
The Lorax Retold by Kids with a View

Listen or sing along to our favourite song at the moment


Benny and Kevin said...

Hi room 3 did you watch the Lorax movie on your blog? What was your favourite part when you were watching the Lorax movie? I think the Lorax movie is really interesting and cool and nice too. from kidswithaview Benny and Kevin

Maia said...

this is so cool I listened to it and sang it and I hope you all enjoyed it if you watch it.

Tracy said...

Benny's mum said:
The lorax movie was really interesting and wonderful for the kids to make senses with the environment pretection. Good experience for the children have respect with the earth.


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