Thursday, June 24, 2010

Clifford the Big Red Dog Visited Point View School

The day Clifford the Big Red Dog visited Point View School the paparazzi just
couldn't stay away! Clifford took no time at all to overcome his shyness and amazingly posed for the media at every opportunity.

The Big Red Dog caused hysteria the moment he entered classrooms. When he bounced into Room 3 he was greeted by 27 noisy, cheering young fans causing a crowd surge. Thankfully he was quickly surrounded by security who keep a watchful eye on him. A book reading session enticed his fans to quieten down. After which, he signed autographs and once again happily posed for photographs.

To find out the scoop on Point View's hottest celebrity, the latest inside gossip and what he had to say about his whirlwind tour, pick up one of the featured magazines today. 


Anonymous said...

Bet Clifford's mum is very proud of him!

Kavin said...

I like your games because there fun and funny.
from Kavin

jonathan and nicholas said...

Dere room 3 I like wate you put on the bloge


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