Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Museum Trip

The Museum Trip

I went in the bus and it was fun. Then I went inside the museum to have a look. First at the museum I saw a dinosaur fossil bone. Next I saw a tree and I went around the tree and I went inside the tree and I climbed up the ladder and I saw a monkey inside the tree. Then I walked around the museum. After that I went inside the blue section. What was inside there? There was a shark inside there and there were fish too. Then I saw a soldier. I saw a volcano. Then I went to the bus. The bus took me back to school. I like the museum because it is cool but not beautiful. Why? Because is supposed to be cool because it is big and lots of fun.
By Denny Yr1

First we went to the bus and we screamed all the way till Mrs Laburn said stop talking so loud because she was going to get a headache. Then we got to the museum. Then we went to Paul’s room to find out about fossils. I liked the T-Rex the best.
By Jonathan Yr1

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