Thursday, June 17, 2010

What is a fossil?
It is a type of remains. A dinosaur lived millions and millions of years ago and they are really old. There are many types of fossils. Plant fossils, animal fossils and trace fossils.
By Kimberly Yr1

The Museum Trip
I went on the bus and then I hopped off the bus and then I went to see Paul. Then I walked around the museum. We went to see the dinosaurs standing in the museum. I like the museum because of the dinosaurs.
By Flynn Yr1

Going to the Museum
We went from our classroom and we went on the bus. Then we got to find a seat. Then the bus drove to the museum. Paul showed us a fossil. Then we went to eat our morning tea. Then we went to put our bags in the cage. Then we went to look around the museum. Next we went to the bus. We were going back to our classroom.
By Henry Yr1

Dear Mrs Galloway
Thank you for looking after the children.
I really liked the plane we went  to.
My favourite part was to see the dinosaur
From Christine Yr1

Dear Paul
Thank you for coming on our trip.
I really liked the dinosaurs. The dinosaurs are the best.
I saw a T-Rex and we saw another dinosaur. We had fun 
and we really liked the war section too.
From Steven Yr1

Dear Miss Patterson
Thank you for taking us to the museum.
I really liked the moa egg... it was big!
My favourite part was seeing the dinosaurs.
From Hayley Yr2

Dear Dad
Thank you for coming to the museum trip
last Friday. I really liked the war section
because there were interesting things.
My favourite section was the village.
Love from Lauryn Yr1


dennisdo said...

Dear Miss huff,
thank you for taking me to the museum.
I like T-rex the Dinosaur.
I also like the bus trip.
I wish oneday i can go to the museum again.
Love from Denny Do yr1.

John Tossot said...

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