Sunday, April 10, 2011

Insect Art

How we made our Insect art.
First we drew an insect based on our insect knowledge.
To achieve the success criteria it had to have three body parts,
 a thorax, an abdomen and a head. 
It also had to have 6 legs drawn from the thorax and 2 antennae. 
Once we were finished drawing we outlined our pencil drawing 
with a vivid maker pen and then cut out the insects.
We then dabbed very bright dye colours onto a thick paper towel. 
The colours spread beautifully!
Lastly we glued our insects on to the dry colourful paper towel.
Here is our finished art. We think they look fabulous!
What do you think?


Rohan said...

I like all of your work Room 3 by Rohan

Anonymous said...

I like all your work because they are cool! By Aum

Anna said...

Beautiful artworks Room 3!!
I especially like the colorful background, and I can see everyone has tried their best.
It looks gorgeous!

Room 3 Point View School said...

Thanks Anna we had fun making them!

Aum said...

I wonder which one is myn


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