Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Students blown away with landscape

Here are the results of the working bee led by Botany Life Community Trust.
We can't thank them enough for their hard work, generosity and community spirit.
Community Project 2011 - Walkthrough from BotanyLife Community Church on Vimeo.

We wrote letters to the Botany Life Community Trust to thank them.

Dear BotanyLife Community Church

I like how you made the gardens look nice at our school. From Zana

I like the maze because it is fun and I like walking around in the maze and I wanted to get to the middle. Thank you for making the maze. From Dykie

Thank you for building the sandpit and the maze. I really like it because the maze is very long and I got to the middle before someone else got to the middle. The sandpit is awesome! From Aum

Thank you for your help with building the garden. I like the sand. From Alex

Thank you for helping in the secret garden. I liked the maze and the sandpit most of all. From Krishant

Thank you for helping to plant our flowers in our corner. My favourite part is the sandpit. What is your favourite part? Did you help each other to work on all the things in the secret garden? From Benny

Thank you for the work. We are so lucky. From Mallika

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I like the movie


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