Thursday, November 10, 2011

Inquiry Learning - Kiwi Puppet Presentations

We decided to present our Inquiry Learning on the Kiwi as puppet shows. 
We used Australian animals because we thought it would be fun for our Quad blogging friends in Australia to watch. 

Koala: I was wondering how you search for your food?
Kiwi: I forage for food by scratching at the ground with my strong claws.
Koala: How do you know that worms are there?
Kiwi: I can smell worms that are buried in up to 3cm of earth. I use my beak to sniff for food.
Koala: How do you get the worms?
Kiwi: I make rapid stabs into worm tunnels using my beak as a spear.
Koala: Thanks for helping with my answers.
By Jacey and Orlando

Bat: Hello kiwi. Why are you brown?
Kiwi: The brown colours make me almost invisible in the dark.
Bat: What are your feathers like?
Kiwi: They are soft and fluffy.
Bat: It you lose your feathers what happens?
Kiwi: I will grow new ones.
By Benny and Tiffanny

Koala: Hi kiwi. What do you do during the day?
Kiwi: During the day I sleep in underground burrows I have dug or I find a log or hollow tree or thick vegetation to sleep in.
Koala: When do you come out?
Kiwi: I come out as soon as it is dark.
Koala: What do you do at night?
Kiwi: I leave my burrow to look for food.
Koala: Thanks for answering my questions.
By Mallika and Krishant.

Kookaburra: How big are kiwi eggs?
Kiwi: Just before kiwi lay their egg it is so huge it almost fills the kiwi's body and she has no room left for food. She stops eating three days before she lays the egg.
Kookaburra: Who sits on the eggs?
Kiwi: The male sits on the egg to keep it warm.
Kookaburra: When are the eggs laid?
Kiwi: In the spring the mother kiwi lays 1 or 2 eggs in a burrow.
By Neeve and Aum

Kangaroo: Hi I'm a kangaroo. How do you move around?
Kiwi: I have wings but I can't fly because they are very, very small.
Kangaroo: Can you run really fast?
Kiwi: Yes I can run faster than people. Kiwi can run swiftly with a side to side sway. The swaying helps me to balance.
Kangaroo: Can you swim?
Kiwi: Yes, some kiwi's can swim across rivers.
Kangaroo: Thank you for answering my questions kiwi.
By Maia and Joshua


Damon said...

Wow those were some awesome videos guys, I especially liked the one about the kangaroo and the kiwi.

swannic said...

Fantastic presentations Room 3. Did you know that you have taught me about the Kiwi! I loved how you have used Australian animals and I know that my Preps are going to love watching your presentations. Do you see kiwi birds near your school? We don't see kangaroos or koala's in our area (you need to travel out into country areas to see these animals) but I can sometimes hear kookaburras laughing in the trees nearby and at night we can see lots of fruit bats! Great work everyone. You all spoke so clearly!
from Mrs Swann and Prep S

macanebrs13 said...

Fantastic presentations Room 3,I loved it.

Anonymous said...

That sound interesting! I hope you guys have a chance of presenting it?

PJ said...

Wow great job guys, I think that is a great way of learning. I especially like the one with the kiwi and the bat.

Katrina said...

I really enjoyed what you did Room 3. I really liked how you used the Australian animals, I also liked how you spoke clearly. : ]

Room 3 Point View School said...

I had a great time visiting you on Grandparents day. I really like your puppet show Benny. Great actions!
From Benny's Grandma Wuyu Liang

Rae and Elly said...

Very good work Joshua and Maia. Who was the kiwi and who was the kangaroo? by Nana Elly and Nana hoorae

Learning Together said...

Hi Room 3
Kiwis are interesting creatures. We like kiwis. We learnt that kiwis are brown so the animals dont see them at night. We like your 4 videos.
How did you learn about Australian animals?
from Caoimhe and Matthew.

Molly and Caoimhe said...

Hi Room 3
We liked your video. It was amazing! We learnt that kiwis are nocturnal and their eggs fill their whole body and they cant eat for 3 days. How did you make the stage?
from Eva and Molly

Learning Together said...

Hi Room 3
We liked your shows. We learnt all about kiwis and that kiwis eat worms and lay eggs.
You were very clear and used good words to describe what kiwis do and what they look like. We liked the puppets that you used.
from Will P and Will H.

Andy said...

Hi Kids with a View
My favourite puppet show was the kiwi and the bat. Haw did learn about Australian animals?
From Andy
Prep K

rmannell said...

Hello Room 3,

These videos of your puppet plays are amazing. Being an Aussie, I love seeing the Australian animals mixing with one of my favourite New Zealand animals, the kiwi.

Having been to New Zealand a number of times, I have often enjoyed seeing New Zealand's interesting animals such as kiwis, keas, tuis, and tuataras. We both have amazing countries with wonderful animals.

If you are allowed to see them, here are a couple links to Australian animal photos I have taken . They are of the animals in your plays...

Suzie the koala had a baby girl earlier this year. This photo shows Suzie with her baby...

Kangaroo and her joey (baby) now too big to stay in the pouch. They are eastern grey kangaroos...

Lastly, the kookaburra. This cheeky little guy was watching me taking photos of him. I suddenly felt my camera lens get heavy. He had landed on it to have a closer look at me. :)

Keep up the wonderful posts, Room 3. I find them very interesting. :)

Ross Mannell (teacher)
NSW, Australia

Anonymous said...

Hi room 3
were did you get the information about the kiwi? Do you know any information about Australian animals? I liked your puppet shows.
From James

Anonymous said...

Hi room 3
Fantastic presentation and great voices! Where did you get the puppets from? We liked the 1st and the last video.When did Kiwis first live?
From Noah and Sienna

Anonymous said...

Hi Room 3
Fantasdic work! You did a Good
job. I learnt that they
dig around in the dirt.
Keep up the Great
work. Did You know that Kiwis
eat worms.
from Daisy.

Anonymous said...

Yay I'm on the kids blogs.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Mrs Swannic we thought it would be a good idea to use Australian animals and we we thought you would like it. We are glad you liked it.
We don't see kiwis near our school because they live deep in the forests and at the zoo. I have never seen a real kiwi before. I'm glad you learnt about the kiwi. What does a kookaburra sound like?
From Joshua Kids with a view

Anonymous said...

Dear Damon, McCane, Shweta, PJ, and Katrina
Thank you for your nice comments about our puppet shows.
I liked how we made the puppet shows because it was fun. When we first started doing the puppet show we forgot to move the puppets because we were thinking about our words and expression. So we had to practice a lot but it was fun.
From Maia - Kids with a view

Ashira said...

Dear Caoimhe and Matthew
We didn't learn about Australian animals really. Mrs Laburn told us which puppets we could use and Mrs Munro came to our room to help us learn about the kiwi. We had to ask our own questions and find our own answers. It was so much fun!
Can you tell us more about Australian animals?
From Ashira

Bradie said...

Dear Eva and Molly and Andy

We didn't make the stage - it's a bought one.
I learnt that about kiwis too. I already know that kiwis can't fly and that they have long beaks and that they are brown.
From Bradie

Anonymous said...

Hi our names are Benny, Tiffanny, and Krishant. We like our puppet show because it was fun to make.
We like how the puppets showed actions and expressions.

Anonymous said...

I really like all of plays and the comments. I hope you had fun and a nice day.
It's not just the plays I like...
but I like the puppet choices!
From Rohan.

Anonymous said...

Hi Room 3
I loved your play.
Do you know what Kiwis eat and where they sleep?
From Daisy (Prep S)

Welcome said...

Hi Kids with a View, this is Class 1U from England. We thought your movie was fantastic (Emma).

Chloe- IT was excellent.
Saul - We love it! What pretty colours.
Lilia - It was fantastic.
Lola - I love the pretty colours.
James - I am happy Guy Fawkes did not win.
Charlie - How do did he die?
kyle - How did he make the fireworks?
Olivia - it was great!
Hannah - I like your pretty colours.
Sacha - The pictures were wonderful!

Will P said...

Hi Room 3
your puppet's were AMAZING!!! I especially love the kangaroo.
From Will P.
Prep K

Kirra said...

Hi Room 3
We have written some `What Am I? about Australian animals. This is a great way to teach you about our animals.
I jump.
I have big feet and a big tail that helps me balance.
I have a pouch.
I have a baby called a joey.
I do BIG jumps.
What Am I?
From Kirra
Prep K.

Georgia said...

I have white and brown feathers.
I can fly.
I eat worms.
I love to laugh alot.
What am I?
from Georgia
Prep K

Jake said...

I have big ears.
I have claws.
I climb trees.
I have white and grey fur on me.
I carry my baby on my back.
What Am I?
From Jake
Prep K.

Vivienne said...

What Am I?
I have some wings.
I can insects with my legs.
I sleep during the day
I can hang upside down.
I can't open my eyes during the day.
I can open my eyes at night.
I can fly at night.
What Am I?
From Vivienne
Prep K

Kids with a view said...

Dear Chloe, Saul, Lilia, Lola, James, Charlie, kyle, Olivia and Sacha

Thank you for your comments.
Did you learn about Guy Fawkes too?
Did you know that Australia doesn't celebrate Guy Fawkes. We learnt that from our Quad buddies in Prep K and Prep S.

Do you have a big celebration on the 5th of November?
Do you make guys and put them on a bonfire?
Can you buy fireworks at the shops?
From Kids with a view

Kids with a view said...

Hi Jake, Georgia, Vivienne and Kirra
Thank you for your awesome 'What am I" sentences. We thought they were a lot of fun!
We made a movie to show you our answers. Mrs Laburn will post it soon.
From your friends in Room 3 Kids with a view

kids with a view said...

Hi Mr Mannell

You always write nice comments on our blog.
Thank you for the wonderful photos. Mrs Laburn is going to put them on our blog posts. You are a great photographer.

You are a good blogger.
Keep up the great work!
From Kids with a view

Ashira said...

Hi Learning together we learnt about kiwis as well what have you learnt about?

Anonymous said...

We like the show you did. It was cute when the Kiwi was moving his head. We like watching the show.
From Liz and Xiomy Room14
Hamilton East school


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