Tuesday, November 1, 2011

We did it - Second Place - Awesome!

Congratulations Kids with a View - We did it!

What a great thrill and very exciting news for our school.
We will certainly be looking forward to and waiting in anticipation for the arrival of the 
adidas sports gear!! 
What a lucky school!
Thank you to Sonny Bill Williams and Adidas!!

Check out all the videos here


Learning Together said...

Congratulations Room 3! How fantastic! Your haka is the best I have ever seen!
From Mrs Kennedy

Room 1 - Turuturu School said...

CONGRATULATIONS Room 3!!! What a wonderful video and well deserving of your prize!!!
From Mr Baylis and Room 1

Rieff said...

Atā Marie Kids with a view

I like the way that you used the correct actions in your Haka.

From Rieff

Marilena said...

Hi Kids with a View

I like the way that you waved the flag in the air when you were in the crowd.

Congratulations, your video was fantastic!


Cora said...

Hi Kids with a View

I like the way that everyone in the crowd was dressed up and they had flags. It looked like they were using lots of expression.


Jack said...

Atā Marie Kids with a View

The Haka was fantastic. One day you guys might be All Blacks too!


Ryan said...

Hi Point View School

Congratulations for coming second in the competition.


Kairyn said...

I am the front lesder in the Haka. It was fun and we
showed the people at assembly and they thought that it
was cool!

aum said...

I like the movie of the 1st place one. I like the guy who was kicking that was the cool part I liked. How did you guys draw the All Blacks player poking their tongues out? From Aum By kid with a view

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your comment and I like your comment too.
From Alex

Anonymous said...

Dear Abbey this week on Friday the Junior school is doing cross country we do it on the field. It is lots of fun.
By Bradie Kids with a view

Anonymous said...

Dear Cora
thank for saying that Cora and we did wave the flags and we had to get dressed up and we had a lot of practices so we can do the haka really good and it was hard to do the haka. I like the haka so much and we did win 2nd and if you win you wil get 5000 dollars of sports gear. Did you did the haka? From Alvin kids with a view.

Anonymous said...

Dear Marilena Thank you for putting a comment on our blog . I like your comment because it has more information and it is interesting to read and you didn't make any mistakes. I was waving a big Go the All Blacks blow up finger! .By Mallika. kids with a view

swannic said...

Congratulations Room 3! We loved your Haka. A few of us want to learn how to do the Haka. We can use your video to help us learn how.
from Prep S and Mrs Swann

swannic said...

Hi Room 3
I like your Haka. How did you learn it? Did it take you a long time to learn it?
From Jade (Prep S)

swannic said...

Hi Room 3
I loved your Haka. Do you like doing the
From Sienna (Prep S)

swannic said...

G’day Room 3
Fantastic Haka. You did a fabulous job. Well done. I want to do the Haka.
From Daisy and Keira. (Prep S)

Sienna said...

Wow Room 3!
You did a good job. I loved your haka. It was extraordinary! Did you have a great day?!
From Sienna
Prep K

Georgia said...

Hello Room 3
We loved your haka so much. How did you learn the haka?
from Georgia
Prep K

Oscar said...

Hi Room 3
Congratulatlons! I wonder what klnd of sports equipment you got?
From Oscar
Prep K

Kirra said...

Hi Room 3
We love your Haka. It was fantastic!
How did you learn the haka?
from Kirra.
Prep K

Vivienne said...

Hi Room 3
We liked your video. It was very good.
From Vivienne.
Prep K

Mr Wood said...

Room 3 you are STARS, we are so proud of you.

Anonymous said...

Mrs laburn I have a blog you know I have 3 blogs.

Anonymous said...

That's so awesome! You guys are so lucky! Have fun with you sport's gear!

Caoimhe said...

Hi Room 3 congratulations
you won a prize
Do you think I can do that?
from Caoimhe.

Matthew said...

Hi Room 3 congratulatlons second
place! what do you think you will
get? from Matthew

Molly said...

Go the All Blacks you won
and you came second.
It would be great if you
came first good job.
from Molly

Will H said...

Wow Room 3 great job! I loved
it. We thought you were great. What
did you get?
from Will

Learning Together said...

Hi Room 3
Congratulations that video was great. Did you get a tennis racquet?
from Andy

Eva said...

Hi Room 3 congratulations
you were amazing. I liked your video.
from Eva


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