Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Our Guy Fawkes Stories

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Click to view our stories by Sienna, Krishant, Kairyn, Benny and Aryaan


swannic said...

Well done Sienna, Krishant, Kairyn, Benny and Aryaan. I loved your story about Guy Fawkes and how you celebrate Guy Fawkes Day. You are very lucky to be able to buy fireworks! In Australia, we are not allowed to buy firecrackers and we can only see fireworks displays done by trained people. We have big displays on New Years Eve and Australia Day
(26th January). These displays are amazing to watch with lots of bright colours. I hope you all enjoyed Guy Fawkes Night.
from Mrs Swann

Monalisa (Rm 13) said...

Wow! That look's beautiful! I hope you enjoyed your Guy Fawke's day!I enjoyed your story and hope too hear from you soon. :)

Elizabeth said...

Wow guys I loved your story about Guy Fawkes and how you celebrate Guy Fawkes day.and I really like how people went to the city and did Fireworks there I wish I can do that with my family in Australia It looks really fun to me.I hope you guys had fun on Guy Fawkes Night.

Amber said...

Hello Sienna, Krishant, Kairyn, Benny and Aryaan (:
You guys did a wonderful job, i really liked your story.
Nice reading too.
Well Done.

Phoenix said...

Good job Sienna, Krishant, Kairyn, Benny and Aryaan !
This year for fireworks me and my sister sat on the roof for an hour watching a lot of bright and fantastic fireworks . I could see a lot of fireworks , i saw heaps in town , manukau and mangere . Anyways enough about my night , good blog you guys keep up the great work !

Camilla.T said...

Wow, that was a really cool video. Keep up the good work!!

Karen.P said...

Wow, that was a very interesting video for me to watch. Keep up the good work guys!!

Room 3 Point View School said...

I like visiting you on Grandparents day. It is fun to see you using the computers and the ipads.
From Tiffanny's Grandma xiu zhen yang.

Will H said...

Hi Room 3
I liked your Guy FawkesStory
becauset was colourful
from Will H
Prep K

Matt and Eva said...

Hi Room 3
Guy Fawkes is interesting so are you. You were clear and loud.
from Matthew and Eva

Will P said...

Hi Room 3
Why did you make your Guy Fawkes stories? You are amazing.
From Will P.
Prep K

Caoimhe and Molly said...

Hi Room 3
We liked your Guy Fawkes stories they were amazing. You spoke so clearly.
Who caught him?
from Caoimhe and Molly
Prep K

Anonymous said...

Dear Will P, Matt and Eva, Will H, Caoimhe and Molly
Thank you for all your comments.
We were leaning lots of things about Guy Faulkes because we have been learning about celebrations.

I didn't know that you can't buy fireworks at the shops in Australia. We can buy them everywhere. I like that we can buy them but Mrs Laburn says it would be much more sensible just to have displays because it would be a lot safer.

Did you go to fireworks displays?
I saw the big fireworks display for the RWC 2011 it was massive.

What are you learning about this week?
From Aryaan Kids with a view

Aerodyne Oscar and Georgia said...

Hello Aryaan
We are learning to write small words and big words. Do you know about Letterland characters?
We are learning about our Community. The shopkeepers sell us food to eat. The RSPCA looks after the sick and injured animals. We have a postman to deliver our mail.
Do you have rubbish bins on your street?
From Aerodyne, Oscar and Georgia.

swannic said...

Hello Room 3
I thought your story was very clear. James
I learnt that you can buy firecrackers. Keira
I learnt that you have a special day to celebrate with fireworks. Akuac
I learnt that fireworks can hurt you. Jade
I learnt that they used gun powder to burn down the building. Jacob
Why were you learning about Guy Fawkes? Natalia
I learnt that the guy who got in jail was naughty. Natasha
I really liked your pictures. Keira
I have seen fireworks and they are really loud. Noah
When is Guy Fawkes night? Daisy
Are you scared of fireworks? Sienna
Why did Guy Fawkes want to destroy the buildings? Jack
Did Guy Fawkes live in New Zealand or did he live somewhere else? Prep S
Thank you for sharing your stories.
From Prep S (Australia)

Room 3 Point View School said...

Dear Mrs Swannic
We think that it is a good idea that you can't buy fireworks at the shop in Australia because fireworks are dangerous.
From Benny and Krishant

Anonymous said...

Dear Monalisa, Phoenix, Camilla and Karen

Thank you for your nice comments.
I like using Little Bird Tales. The best part is recording your voice and listening to it.
Does your class use Little Bird Tales?
From Tiffanny - Kids with a view

Anonymous said...

Dear Aerodyne, Oscar and Georgia

We don't know what letterland characters are. Can you tell us about letterland?
We put our rubbish bags out on Fridays and every second Friday we put out our big recycling bins. They are green with a yellow lift up lid.
We have just had a inorganic collection. People put all their old things on the side of the road like old pushchairs, old wood, tables, computers that are broken all sorts of things that you can't put in the rubbish bags. it gets collected by a rubbish truck.
From Gina, Alex and Ashira -Kids with a view

Anonymous said...

Dear Mrs Swannic and Prep S

Hi James thanks for saying nice things.
Hi Keira we learnt that you can't buy fireworks.
Hi Akuac Don't you celebrate fireworks on the 5th of November?
Hi Jade Yes fireworks are dangerous. Pets hate Guy Fawkes night because they get scared the loud bangs.
Hi Jacob We learnt all about Guy Fawkes. We didn't know that he was a real man.
Hi Natalia We learnt about Guy Fawkes because we learning about celebrations.
Hi Natasha Yes Guy Fawkes wanted to kill the King James 1.
Hi Keira We got our photos from Google and we drew some of our own fireworks on Little Bird Tales.
Hi Noah Most of us saw the huge fireworks display at the RWC opening ceremony they were amazing! And LOUD!
Hi Daisy Guy Fawkes night is on the 5th of November.
Hi Sienna Some of us are scared of fireworks because they are so loud and dangerous.
Hi Jack King James was mean to Catholics and wanted them to follow his rules. Guys Fawkes didn't like him.

Guy Fawkes lived in England 400 years ago.

Thank you for all your wonderful questions!
From all the children in Room 3
Kids with a view

swannic said...

Hi room 3
No. We don`t have Fireworks at 5th I have seen fireworks before at the Melbourne show while I was on the roller coster I am scared of fireworks I had to hug my dad I had a pet but it died his name was called Ralph I was scared now I'm not scared.
from Keira

swannic said...

Hi room 3
We can not buy firewalks on the 5th of november. We have fire walks on the 26th of januery which is Asralia day and at the
Royal melben show. do you know what Asralia day is? from James

swannic said...

G'day Room 3
we don't buy fireworks On the 5th
Of November it's illegal. We have
fireworks on Australia day.
from Jade and Sienna.

swannic said...

Hi Room 3
I've seen a display of fireworks
on open day in doncaster (Melbourne)at litle Athletics at
9:00 PM.I missed out on a event
just before the fireworks display.
When I heard the fireworks I closed my ears because it was
really LOUD! There are also fireworks at the AFL grand final which my team Geelong won. There is also fireworks on the 26th of Janury (Australia day) Australia day started 1788 -2011

From Noah

Noah said...

G'day Room 3
where do you normally have the fireworks?
from Noah


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