Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Peter and the Pig

You must read this book - it is so funny!
It even comes with a warning - 
"This tale will make you laugh out loud"

Here is a book review by Maia and Jacey

When we read "Peter and the Pig" Mrs Laburn was laughing hard out.
She kind of had tears in her eyes and her face was red with laughing.
There was a pet shop owner and Peter the pirate.
Every time when the pet shop owner gets something for Peter, Peter doesn't need it.
One day Peter went to the Pet shop and he said "I don't have a parrot".
He asked the pet shop owner if she had any parrots.
She said, "I don't have any parrots".
She asked Peter if he would like a pig instead of an parrot.
The pet shop owner even gave Peter more things that he didn't need.
You will have to read the book to find out what happened.

"I thought it was really funny because pet shop owner sold Peter a popper scooper!!"
"He looked silly in the cat costume!"


Maia said...

This is a very funny book of Peter and the pig. I wrote this book review with my friend Jacey. She typed it and I said the words to her. We worked together. I think that is participating and contributing.

Jacey said...

It was very funny when I was writing the story with Maia because the book was really funny.
My favorite part about the story was when the Pet shop owner gave Peter the pirate a popper scoper.
My favorite part about the story when is was writing it was when I was thinking about the ideas and Maia was writing it down on the book and when I was typing on the laptop. It was super funny when we read the book and Mrs Laburn was laughing every time she turned the page!!!

Mallika said...

Thank you mrs Laburn for putting Peter and the pig.
By Mallika.

Mallika said...

Thank you mrs Laburn for putting Peter and the pig.
By Mallika.

Helen Thompson said...

Our year 2 class also enjoyed a topic around pirates this year. They had a pirate day at the end of the topic and had to hunt for treasure all around the school grounds. It is fantastic to see you are enjoying lots of different pirate stories.
Which has been your favourite so far?

Mrs Thompson
Haworth Reception

orlando said...

I thought it was funny because the petshop owner gave a pooperscooper and a pirate costume.From Orlando

Aum said...

This book is really funny because it has the word called pooperscoper and when the book is almost finished Peter says " I'll hit you with my cutles". But the pet shop owner said "you have a popper scoper remember". That book is super funny you know and he doesn't have a pirate ship all he had is a big rubber duck. He doesn't have a parrot but he has a pig and at the end he says "but I'm still not sure about the pig" but I think it's because the pig is going to poo and wee on him


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