Thursday, May 24, 2012

Westpac helicopter arrives at PVS

We also featured in the NZ Herald here is the link
NZ Herald News

At 10:00 am PVS went to see the Westpac helicopter land on PVS field. It was red and yellow. You wouldn't believe it there was an All Black on board. His name was Jerome Kaino. I have never seen a helicopter come to PVS. It landed on the field and it was really noisy!
By Neeve

Today the whole school went to the field to see the Westpac helicopter land down. The children were screaming to see Jerome Kaino. The color of the helicopter was red and yellow. It was noisy and windy.
By Maia

Today at 10:00 Room 3 went to see the Westpac helicopter. Jerome Kaino was in the Westpac helicopter. Some people war screaming. I was excited to see who was in the helicopter. It was Jerome Kaino he was wearing a red t-shirt. We were on the field. We heard the helicopter land on the field. It was loud. We sang "You can count on me" by Bruno Mars.
By Alvin


aum said...

When the helicopter came at the field and I was so exited.

Benny said...

Hi room 3 did you have a fun time watching the helicopter coming to your school? and did you saw Jerome Kaino? he is a All Black and he was on that helicopter. And were you so excited to see the helicopter coming to your school? I was so excited because I had never seen a helicpter coming to our school before!!!!!!!

josh said...

You got to see the Wetpack helicopter and Jerom Kaino cool. The helicopter was yellow and red awsome and yellow is my faveourite colour. Any way the helicopter looked cool landing on the PVS feld. BY Josh


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