Monday, May 28, 2012

Pirates - Do Matey Do - Second group


Jcaey's friend Peter said...

Hi Kids with a view I am Jacey's friend Peter.
I love your Do Matey Do because I enjoyed the show.
It was instresting about the pirates sailing out to sea.
How did you put them together because it looked so so nice.
The show was beautiful and the actor was really good.
I liked their loud voices sounded really like pirates.
especially Jacey's one was brilliant!.
I loved the people that said " Ten heartie pirates sailing out to sea".
That was really cool

Anonymous said...

Hi,Room 3
Well done on creating the pirate movie! It was very well peformed.

From, Boa(Gina's sister)

Khush said...

Well presented room 3...enjoyed watching both parts of the Pirate Movie

Room 11 Bloggers said...

Nice pirate show.Lucy Nikisha R11

Room 11 Bloggers said...

Room3 the haka was great and your pirate show it was very nice. Gloria and Jessica

Joshua and Benny said...

Good work second group for saying different things after saying do matey do I can't go with you. Those pirate costumes are very cool. By Joshua and Benny.

Room 3 Point View School said...

Thank you mum for putting a comment on our do matey do. I hope you liked it mum. From kids with a view.From Aryaan.

Anonymous said...

Hi I really liked your awesome pirate acting you were the best pirates I have seen in my life so can you perform in our class for us and who was the captain.

Anonymous said...

Hey its Harjeet from room 21

WOW that was an awesome vid
I liked how the pirate said "do whacky do i can't come with you I'm baking a cake using green shampoo"\

Thanks Harjeet

Anonymous said...

From Harjeet room 21

Hey nice vid that was awesome
I like how you said "i can't come with you Im baking a cake using green shampoo haha"


Helen Thompson said...

Hi Kids with a view
What a fantastic performance - you have obviously worked very hard. I love your pirate ship - where will you be sailing to for your next adventures?
Mrs Thompson
Haworth Reception


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