Saturday, July 14, 2012

Our Top Educational iPad Apps

Here is a selection of our top EDUCATIONAL APPS that we use in our classroom.
Not all of them are free but if it is listed here then it is definitely worth paying for.
I haven't listed many Maths and Literacy apps on this page as these will vary from class to class, year level, teacher choice and learning intentions to be focussed on.  

Please leave us a comment letting us know what your favourite learning apps are. 

What apps do you find educational in your classroom?


Alvin said...

On my ipod I have a game called I have. I like I have because I think it is a good math game to play with. My sister do not play that game but I play I have a lot of time.

Aum said...

I have London 2012 olympic games and also brain pop junior and brain pop

orlando said...

Cool apps.

sasha said...

I like the apps on the i-pads. from Sasha.

Joshua said...

Those look like fun apps to play on. My best one on that is pupet pals because can take a photo and you can record yourself. You have to do it on an ipad and you can't print it on a ipad.

Joshua's Dad said...

Those look like fun learning apps and I like the brain pop one because you can so much from it and you mabey can go on it at home and learn more stuff.

Krisca Te said...

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