Sunday, July 1, 2012

Wonky Donkey Video - Holiday Fun

Did you enjoy the Wonky Donkey video?
Let us know what your favourite part of the video is.


Anonymous said...

Hi I thought the wonkey donrey vidow was cool my sister was laghfing nout very loud from Ashira

Anonymous said...

Hi Mrs Laburn it is us Sienna and Bradie,

We think the wonky donkey video is hilarious. Bradie's favourite part is when he has three legs and one eye.
Also Sienna's favourite book is the wonky donkey.

Kidswithaview - Room 3 said...

Hi Room3 I have a book and it's the Wonky Donkey. My favourite part was when the donkey farted at the bird and did you know that the Wonky Donkey is the main character. By Aum and Joshua

Anonymous said...

hi i saw the wonkey donkey clip and i love it i got my mum and dad to see it and they love it

by Grace and Tamryn

room 21

Mallika said...

I really like the wonky donky movie.


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