Tuesday, July 17, 2012

We miss you Trinity

This term we have a class member missing :(
Trinity and her family moved to Australia in the holidays.
We hope you have settled in to your new life in Australia.
We miss you Trinity - keep in touch. 
We hope you will leave us a comment soon.


Maia said...

I miss you Trinity I hope you still miss us and don't forget to comment on our blog.
I hope you don't forget all of us.
What is Australia like?
From Maia kids with a view

Ashira said...

Hi Trinity I really, really miss you. Are you going on the blog and wiki in Australia?

Kidswithaview - Room 3 said...

Hi Trinity.
I really miss you.
I hope you are having a great time in
a Australia. From Bradie. do not forget to comment on kids with a view.

Maia and Jacey said...

Hi Trinity
I hope you are having a great time in Australia.
We miss you so much, maybe you can visit our blog lots and lots.
You can tell us about Australia on your kidblog.
From Maia

Aryaan said...

Mrs Laburn every one in this school maybe they miss Trtiny and her family.

Joshua said...

Hi Trinity.
I wish you could stay here.
I hope you remeber us.
You are very specil to me.

Aryaan said...

Does everyone want to know trinity school?

Gina said...

You were my best friend now that you're gone who is my best friend now? I can't choose!


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