Sunday, October 7, 2012

Point View School - Classroom walk through

On Thursday the 27th September the whole school went on a walk through of each others classrooms.
It was very organised but we only had half an hour to get through all the odd numbered classrooms.
All the odd classroom numbers visited odd classroom numbers and 
all the even numbered classroom numbers visited the even classroom numbers.
We are Room 3 so we headed off the next odd number - Room 5 then 7 etc.
We have 34 classrooms at our school.

We had so much fun seeing what all the other classes are learning about and 
looking at their classroom environments.
Next term seeing we will be going on another classroom walk through
expect this time we will be visiting all the even numbers.

Does your school hold a classroom walk through?


Mallika said...

I liked when we went in the classrooms because I liked the art work. By Mallika

Aryaan said...

Did everyone know that we went to my friends class and my sister's class.


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