Saturday, October 6, 2012

Pukekawa Calf Club Day

Pukekawa School held their Calf Club Day on
Friday 21st September 2012.
 Room 3 - Kids with a view were so lucky to be invited to go along and join in their fun day!
Each year rural schools around New Zealand hold events that encourage children to take an active interest in the welfare and presentation of an animal of their choice. Originally the day was known as Calf Club Day even though children exhibited handcrafts, artwork and animals like lambs, goats and chickens.
Look at what you need to do to take a calf to calf day.


When it was 5:00, I sprang out of my bed and remembered it was Friday. Room 3 was going on a trip to Pukekawa school and it was a calf day! We went on Friday and we went by car and I was in Sienna’s car. A calf day is when children bring animals and tie them to their car. We patted a goat, lamb, chicken and a big black thing I don’t remember what it was called I think it was a calf. The children had to call their lamb to them but one just jumped over the fence! I saw a lamb eating grass and a child leading her lamb around a course. It felt really soft and clean to touch the animals. We went to visit a class room and they had flowers in unordinary pots and had soap carving and paper mache. My faourite was a bunny made of paper mache because it had real food and water. I felt really soft when I patted the animals.
By Gina

When it was Friday and I sprang out of my bed and went in the bathroom and quickly brushed my teeth and went and had my breakfast. When I left home with my mum we went to school and parked and waited at the steps. Then it was time to go to Pukekawa School and Aryaan came in my car and we got there by a car and it was a 1 hour drive. When we got there we had to wait until everybody got here. When everybody got there we went and looked and the lambs and a lamb was sniffing my hand. A calf day is when everybody brings their animals over and do a course and they try really hard to train them and they try to win a ribbon. We looked at the father’s cake competition and there were so many cakes and we took some photos. There was a competition and the lambs were going to have a course first they do a zigzag around the sticks and go over the bridge and open the chain and then come back. I saw lambs, goats and chickens. I felt funny when I was touching the lambs because they sniff my hand. We visited 4 Classrooms, the first one had animals made out of stuff and the second was a small library and the third was pots made out of animals and it had flowers in the fourth room was vedgtables and animals. My favourite items were the animals. I felt amazing after all that I would want to go again someday. By Aum 


Benny said...

Hi room 3 did you liked going to Pukekawa school? And I ike going to Pukekawa school because you can learn other things! Did you know who won the trophy and had the bestests animals? I don't know and I had a awesome day At Pukekawa school!

Mallika said...

I liked Pukekawa school because we got to look at some animals . It was fun when I had morning tea because I had a cookie on a stick. By Mallika.

george said...

Hi my name is George I liked the school because we got to look at the sheep.

Tracy said...

Thanks Room 3 for sharing the awesome information, this is good opportunity for the kids to learn from others. I wonder what will happen for the next trip.

Anonymous said...

Hi i am sam the guy who made the butterfly on the calf club video
Thnx for all the comment.

i am from pukekawa


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