Sunday, October 14, 2012

Researching London Landmarks

After the Olympics we decided to learn a more about London.
Here we are looking at images of famous landmarks in London.
We had to work together to find the information on google and then 
match the name of the landmark to the image.

Have you been to London? 
Tell us about the famous landmarks that you saw there.


fleur buchan said...

Fleur said... George and Kairyn look like they are having a great time looking up London landmarks. George's favourite landmark was Parliment Building. George liked this Building because it was really massive and it had the Big Ben.

Good job George and Kairyn

Fleur Buchan

Joshua's Dad said...

No I have not been to London but I see their more interesting landmarks on TV each week! The Emirates Stadium (Arsenal) Stamford Bridge (Chelsea) White Hart Lane (Tottenham Hotspur)Upton Park (West Ham United). From Joshua's Dad. :-)

Malika said...

I like the mascots because they are powerful. By Mallika.


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