Thursday, April 10, 2014

Meet Charlie our Class Mascot

Charlie (Sir Charles) is the Knights of Room 14's class mascot. 
The boys are really enjoying having Charlie around. He does everything that they do!

Last year Marvin the Monkey, from Miss Revell's e-Kids class, visited Room 14 for three weeks. Marvin travelled to Point View School all the way from Hawkes Bay. The children fell in love with him and were extremely sad when he had to go home. Room 14 tried to attach themselves to several different mascots but they just weren't the same as having Marvin around. 
So Mrs Laburn hunted around and found Charlie.
Charlie is a knight and is a valued member of the boy's class.
We hope Miss Revell doesn't mind us copying Marvin.

Here's a small snapshot of Charlie so far…..

Keep coming back to see more of his adventures!


Sumit Setia said...

Maybe it was a good time for chalie

Anonymous said...

............Nice..^_^v................ said...

Dear Kids with a View,
I am loving your blog so far! And isn't Charlie just the cutest thing?! You know, my class has a blog too! If you would like to follow us, our web address is I will make sure I follow you. Keep running this amazing blog!

kidseducation said...

ya colourful post shared kids love to have fun and colorful acivies

Rohan Chhima said...

I love Charlie as well! He's cute and cuddly!


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