Monday, April 7, 2014

Orca Mufti Day

Last Friday Point View School held it's bi annual Orca Mufti Day.
All money raised went to the 
What a fun day - so many orca costumes, orca researchers and even oceans! Those of us that didn't have a costume dressed in black and white.

Check out the video of an orca rescue.

This is Thomas is his orcasome costume his mum made for him. 

And here's another costume! I wonder who dressed up as the ocean with an orca swimming by trying to catch some stingray? Can you see any clues as to who it is?

Yes it's Charlie! He loves joining in on all the fun! 


Thomas said...

I had such an orcasome day because my mum worked very hard to sew me an orcasome costume. I got to use the sewing machine and I threaded a very small needle and my mum also did some hand sewing while I watched her. I felt super excited because I dressed up.

Jennings said...

Great Blog Good to see kids in different costumes.
I know a place in bangalore where they conduct similar kind of activitiesPreSchool

Rohan Chhima said...

Lol that's a nice costume. It must have taken a long to make it.


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