Sunday, April 6, 2014

Technology - Sewing Dragons

Technology - Making Dragons
By Curtis

On the day of technology I screamed to my mum, “It’s technology day!”
It was exciting, Mr Rankin took us to technology to learn how to sew. We needed lots of things. We needed to get a needle, a piece of paper, some buttons, scissors, an iron and material. Next we ripped the material in half. We used more material to cut some wings out and we used some triangles. Then we used some web glue to glue it with an iron. 
It was the most greatest thing I ever saw!

Technology - Making Dragons
By Tyler

WOW! I said to myself, it’s technology day. So off I went to school.
At technology day we were learning to sew. Did you know what? We got to iron! I thought to myself that sewing would be hard but it was easy when I started doing it.
We ripped the material and cut out the wings. Then we put glue on the wings and then ironed it on and then they stayed up. Next we sewed on the buttons and then we sewed on the tail and put the toilet rolls on.
I had a great day especially as I have never ironed before.

Technology - Making Dragons
By Ronan

In the morning I busted out of bed and rushed out of my house because I was excited! I never knew how to sew a dragon and today was the day we were making dragons.
In the morning in class I was waiting so hard that I couldn’t wait for the roll! Well, finally Mr Rankin came! So Room 14 walked down to Mr Rankin’s car because he had some material waiting in the boot. 
First we got some material it was a little hard for me to rip but I did it!. After that we ripped two wings out and it was still a little hard. After that we glued the wings on, well it wasn’t ordinary glue, it was web glue! We had to iron it so that it stuck better. After that we sewed the wings. I kept getting it wrong but I still had fun. Later on Kelvin’s grandma did all the sewing for me because I was stuck. Then I went to the overlocker and Mr Rankin made a big hole so then we could put more chopped up teacher in faster. Next we got two toilet rolls - one for the mouth and one for the bum. Finally we coloured the toilet rolls.
I had the most exciting day because I never knew how to sew. The sewing was really hard to sew.

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Carley Morris said...

Fantastic work! I really enjoyed reading about your dragons and looking at the photographs. This week year 1 have been writing instructions on how to catch a dragon! I wonder if you can stop by our blog and let us know if we've got it right!



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