Thursday, September 15, 2011

Maori names for pet stick Insects

Stoke Bishop Primary asked us to come up
with some names for their pet stick insects.
First we watched some Youtube clips about
stick insects so we had some prior knowledge.

We decided to choose Maori because we are New Zealanders 
Maori is one of our National languages.
We hope you like it.
Please leave us a comment.
What do you think about our choices?

Waka, Rakau, Parauri, Kakariki, Haka

Let's learn Te Reo Maori - how to pronounce Maori words
To listen to Maori pronunciation click the link


Learning Together said...

Hello Point View School
We think you have picked good names for your stick insects. (Natasha)
I liked the way you explained what the names mean. (Molly)
I liked Haka for a name because it means dancing. (Andrew)
I liked the names for the stick insects because they are good names. (Akuac)
We think you were very clever to name your stick insects using words to describe where they live, what they look like and how they move.
From Prep S and Prep K

Welcome said...

Hi prep S and K,

we love your Voicethread! We think it is really good. We can not wait to make one on Friday when we have ICT. We are really enjoying having you as friends.

from Class 1U

Welcome said...

Hello Point View and Prep S and K class. Sorry for getting your schools mixed up. All this blogging is so exciting I forgot who was who! We will let you know on Monday what we have decided to call them. Does anyone else have any good name ideas?

Mr Unsworth

Sienna said...

I like Orlando because he did good information.

Anonymous said...

This is awesome guys! I'm naming my preying mantis Pedro, just something about that name that I love! These names are awesome too!

From the city of Nelson


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