Sunday, September 11, 2011

New Zealand is Amazing - RWC 2011

Congratulations New Zealand and RWC Organisers
We are proud to be Kiwis
What a truly amazing and memorable experience you 
created for the world to see! 
 Opening of the RWC 2011

Did you or your family attend the Opening Ceremony and the All Blacks vs Tonga game?
Were you at the Viaduct in Auckland city?
Did you watch it on TV?
Are you from another country and viewed it from overseas? What did you think?

Please add a comment to share your experiences on Friday night.
Visit our Rugby World Cup 2011 page to view the full
Opening Ceremony


Room 3 Point View School said...

I had an absolutely awesome time at the Viaduct on Quay Street on Friday night! My family finally caught a train at Sylvia Park after watching 3 full trains whizz by. We arrived at the Britomart before 5.00pm. Just in time to hear Dave Dobbyn and then the Finn Brothers Concert. We found a perfect spot to sit on the road in front of the huge screen. The opening ceremony was amazing and the atmosphere around us was beyond loud, full of cheering, oohs and aahs, shouting, clapping, flags waving. Then the fireworks started - what a truly spectacular show, the biggest and brightest show I have ever seen! The view then went back to Eden park. Singing the National Anthem (actually shouting it) bought tears to my eyes! It was a special moment anyone would be so proud to be a kiwi! The haka performed by the All Blacks was another goosebump moment! And then GAME ON! What a crowd reaction -Tongan's cheering, ecstatically dancing and waving thousands of red and white flags. All Blacks fans chanting in a sea of black. And the All Blacks won even more to celebrate! Thousands of people proud to be New Zealanders! A night I will never forget!
Mrs Laburn

Learning Together said...

Hi Room 3 and Mrs Laburn
What an amazing opening to a wonderful event! You must be so excited to be hosting the RWC and having the opportunity to show the world your beautiful country. Go Wallabies!
From Mrs Kennedy and your blogging buddies Prep K

swannic said...

Hi Room 3 and Mrs Laburn,
We didn't get to see the opening ceremony but we are sure that it was wonderful and you should all feel proud! Who do you think will win the World Cup? We would love the Wallabies to win but they have to beat the All Blacks first and that could be a bit tricky!
Enjoy all the celebrations.
from Prep S and Mrs Swann

Anonymous said...

Wow more than 1oooo people was there. Some of my family went to the fast game.My family said they got entertain.
From Elizabeth room14 Hamilton east school

Darren Waith said...

Hi Room 3, Jack's Mum and Dad went to Eden park on Friday to see the opening ceremony and the first game. The All Blacks played Tonga and won. We were very lucky we have a nice Mayor and he told everybody to take the train so we could park close to the stadium. The crowd were very excited and cheered for everything. One of the All Blacks shirt got ripped and Jack's Mum went wild.
I really like your face painting showing your support for the Rugby World Cup. Keep it up.

Room 3 Point View School said...

Hey Darren
Glad you had a great time at the game! It was such a memorable night! I love your great sense of humour. Keep up the great work updating our blog with your comments!
Mrs Laburn :)

Room 3 Point View School said...

Hi Elizabeth
I have just found your class blog and have left you a message. Keep on visiting us we love to receive your comments!
Mrs Laburn

Dasha said...

We had a fantastic time watching the opening ceremony for the World Cup with some good friends. We had lots of yummy food and with the great company , the evening couldn't have gone better.

We all thought the Ceremony was fantastic and the game was great. Awesome to see so many people really getting in the spirit of things and supporting all the different countries.Can't wait to see how the All Blacks go in their next game.

Great blog Room 3. I am looking forward to reading all the other comments.

Jen Glass said...

We went to the game and had an amazing time. Fortunately we went to a venue close to the ground beforehand so didn't get caught up in any of the transportataion issues. The atmosphere at the ground was unlike we have ever seen at Eden Park before with most people shining lights on their telephones which gave a visually stunning effect. Pre game entertainment was fantastic with the highlight being a young boy flying into the air to retieve a rugby ball !! A good haka and a good win to the All Blacks topped off a night we won't forget!!

Anonymous said...

HI! those pictures are cool. How did you get them from the computer?I like the picture of New Zealand.
From Tarn
Hamilton East School

Gina said...

Thank you for sharing the wonderful photos. Even if we couldn't go tO the opening ceremony, we went to Point View Domain to watch the fire works. There were lots of people who wanted to celebrate together.
It was awesome at the end because the yellow colour fire works went Bang! Bang! Bang!!!!!!

joshua's dad said...

It was great to see so many people come together to support the national team and enjoy the night.

Tam Tran said...

Hi Room 3 and Mrs Laburn.

I am very glad i got to see your wonderful pictures because I was unable to watch it live over in the UK (unfortunately I was teaching in my class due to the time difference)I hope the Rugby world cup parade went well and the numbers i cut out for your rugby picture frames were straight enough. I am following a lot of the games that are broadcast live in the mornings or using the RWC website for highlights. People at work keep asking who is going to win the world cup and I always respond with 'anyone can win on the day, but it's hard to beat NZ in their own backyard'. During the opening week of the RWC, I taught all the year 6 boys the haka and we performed this to the school.

Kia kaha and haere ra
Tam Tran
(Maia's uncle)

Lauren McKenzie said...

Hello! My name is Lauren, and I am a student at the University of South Alabama. Where I live, rugby is not a major sport. Baseball is supposed to be America's past time but I feel certain that the favorite of Alabama is football. I didn't watch the Rugby World Cup. One reason is that it was not talked about a lot. The World Cup for Soccer was a big deal in my house for my brother and my dad. They watched as much as they could between work and chores at home. Rugby seems like an interesting sport though, and I really want to learn more about it!

Gina and Ashira said...

Why do you want to learn more about rugby? Have you ever seen rugby before? I think everyone in NZ knows what rugby is.
Where is South Alabama?
We like to walk to school and we have four walking school buses. Do you know what a walking school bus is?

Lauren McKenzie said...

I would like to learn more about rugby, because it seems like it is becoming a more widely played sport. South Alabama is in the southern part of Alabama; and Alabama is in the southeastern part of the United States (and I just found out that we have a women's rugby team). I have no idea what a walking school bus is! I would really like to know though!

Maia said...

Thank you uncle Tam for helping us during the time we made the frames for the RWC. The Parade was a success in assembly. Go All Blacks.

by Maia

Jessica Sanders said...

Hello Room 3!
My name is Jessica Sanders and I am an EDM310 student at the University of South Alabama. I have heard of the sport rugby before, but I have never really watched it or know much about it. I know a few of my friends talked about the Rugby World Cup, but I never got a chance to watch it and see what it was all about. By the look of these pictures it seems like an interesting sport. I would love to find out more about it!

Room 3 Point View School said...

Hi Lauryn
Thanks for your comments. Room 3 children are on holiday for 2 weeks now so they won't be replying to comments. But keep them coming because I will most definitely reply.
Here is a link to Gina's comment about the walking school bus.


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