Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Timo Tagaloa visits Point View School

Timo Tagaloa competed for Manu Samoa in the 1991 Rugby World Cup and the New Zealand XV team, 
ranked just below the All Blacks. 
He has also played rugby for the New Zealand Sevens 
and NPC. 

Timo visited Point View School on Tuesday 6th September for the whole day! 
His visit certainly helped us to move further into the 
Rugby World Cup spirit. 
At assembly he showed us some of his rugby shirts 
and performed the mighty haka. 
It was amazing!
Then he went out onto the field and taught some lucky students some of his rugby skills.
At lunchtime lots of us collected his autograph.

Thanks Timo it was a great day!


Jackie Nelson said...

Wow Year 1 and Mrs Laburn - how exciting it must have been for your school to host a visit by Mr Timo Tagaloa. We have really enjoyed watch him perform the haka. We don't do the haka in Australia so it is very special for us to be able to see it. In our state not many people follow rugby either. You must be so proud to have such an important competition happening in your country ... and only one day til it all begins! Congratulations. Enjoy the rugby celebrations.
From Room 3 and Mrs Nelson Craigburn Primary

Aum said...

I like the youtube lego it's a graet movie I really like it.

Room 3 Point View School said...

Hi Mrs Nelson and Room 3 thank you for your comment. Yes we are very proud to host the RWC. It has been a fabulous learning journey for our class.

sjfeicn said...

I liked the Lego rugby world cup because it was cool and I love LEGO.

Anonymous said...

WOW!! The Webb Ellis Cup looks the same even though
it is made out of lego.
Nice work making it go onto your blog.
By Robert and Leighton
Hamilton East School

robert said...

I like that video I think it is cool and I think that the lego thin Is good as well thinks.

Damon said...

That video was so awesome.

I just love the way you used lego blocks to make a movie about the All Black and I couldn't stop laughing through out the whole movie.



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